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You know those led display manufacturers are professional term?

by:Atop     2020-03-19

Believe that after seeing some professional term did not understand the industry may feel confused, how to do choose full-color LED display parameters? Atop Led Opto Electronic as a manufacturer of Led display in shenzhen will continue to update more knowledge. A LED display manufacturer in shenzhen, table module, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Advantage: the display effect is clear and fluent, effect is good, high pixels, right indoor watching disadvantages: large screen brightness is not high, bad tubes heat treatment (2) the table module, what are the strengths and weaknesses? The table paste mix SIP and SMT a new products, LED encapsulation mode and SMT is same, negative pins and DIP, welding through PCB board. Advantages are: high brightness, good effect weakness: the production process is complex, difficult maintenance cost three, triad, what are the strengths and weaknesses? Will be three different kinds of LED chips encapsulation of RGB color in a certain distance between the vertical side by side advantages: good disadvantages: complex production process, the high cost of maintenance problems in four modules, indoor full color LED display screen and what is the difference between patch full-color LED display? 1. Color light-emitting part: full-color LED display modules are typically shows yellow, green, pure green module is more expensive, SMD full-color LED display is pure green tube core 2. Shows good effect: pixel visual feeling fairly thick, low intensity, easy to generate the fuzzy phenomenon; Full-color LED display better consistent SMT line, high brightness.  3. Maintenance: maintenance difficulty is high, full-color LED display module replacement costs are higher, and easy to maintain the patch can be separate maintenance five, why shenzhen LED display manufacturer production so long a time. High quality raw materials procurement, LED lamp purchasing cycle is long, the import cycle is extended 2 chip. Complex production process: through the PCB board design, casing production, glue, adjust the white balance.  3. Joint structure framework: cabinet design, considering the wind and rain lightning 6, what is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous, synchronous system: namely, computer display and LED large screen display content synchronization of full-color LED display control system for asynchronous system: namely the computer editing a good poem is stored in the control system, real-time computer shut down will not affect full color LED display shows seven, what real pixels is refers to the full color LED display physical pixel and the ratio between the actual pixels ( 1:1) , how many points to show how much the actual image information, what is virtual pixel refers to physical pixel and the ratio between the virtual pixels ( 1:N) , display pixels is much larger than the actual nine, / can/best perspective is what perspective: the brightness of the observation direction down to half of the LED display normal brightness, the same plane two observation Angle, which is formed by the direction and normal direction can be divided into horizontal and vertical Angle of view, can see the direction of the image content on the screen, and display the normal Angle into the best Angle of view: see the content of the display screen and unbiased color, image content is the most clear direction with the normal Angle. Ten, how to choose appropriate full-color LED display? 1. Viewing distance and Angle 2 is determined. Three installation environment. According to determine the content of the four. 5 screen resolution requirements. The cost control                                

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