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Xuchang show collapse LED companies: reject 'regression of steel structure'

by:Atop     2020-09-08
Today such a sad thing to say. On the evening of May 12, xuchang a sudden accident performance culture square, from the perspective of the small video of on-site people forward, a lot of people were injured. Industry engineering business analysis: the accident of xuchang performance is likely to be related to performance in a gantry. The specific responsibility is not clear, but what is certain is that stage in the process of building is the existence of unreasonable non-standard place. Xuchang show collapse LED companies: refused to 'regression of steel structure & emsp; '   Engineering safety problem is that we emphasize many times. But there are still many people knowingly!     As is known to all, stage, especially in outdoor, particularly risky, more should pay attention to the safety of the project. Party a to dig the budget is on the other hand, as the engineering side, the enterprise must assume their social responsibility, to keep their own professional: know outdoor collapse risk is high, why only a gantry? If using monolithic gantry, why not use the rope to pull fixed columns? Not to mention a gantry support so big span and height, the weight of the visual light is high also, on the hand, the things completely ignore the importance of construction safety of party b.     Now when the tour industry outbreak stage, since this year the Ministry of Culture and Tourism into cultural tourism, but also inspired the heat of the travel industry. The tour industry is closely related to performing arts industry, a lot of entertainment companies fight, want to ride this dongfeng pie in the market. As a heavyweight entertainment market products, such accident, also give us knocked on the alarm LED display industry: performance is small, safety is big, don't be penny wise and pound foolish, both manufacturers and engineering contractor in the face of budget pressures of party a, prefer not to meet, also cannot lose their professionalism, to the industry for a variety of non-standard on stain!     Not scaremongering, collapsed in recent years, outdoor LED display things also happen from time to tome. Recently industry dealers are reflected: now do the manufacturer of steel structure industry, most are not very professional, personnel to design, production, installation process, such as the control is not very serious, hope manufacturers, industry or related departments can effectively solve the problem.     As is known to all, because it is difficult to grasp the outdoor environment, as the LED large screen, steel structure installation must ensure that its robustness, wind and earthquake resistant role in order to achieve. And are typically installed outdoor LED display area is larger, and mostly installed in personnel intensive place, its steel structure design should consider basic, wind load, waterproof, dustproof, moisture, temperature, lightning protection, the surrounding population density, and many other factors. Inside the steel structure at the same time also need to place the power distribution cabinet, air conditioning, axial flow fan, lighting and other auxiliary equipment, must have. , maintenance facilities such as gym, good design is extremely difficult, and the market is very scarce.     Security is higher than the budget, while the professional manufacturers, engineering business is to ensure that the premise of safety. Outdoor screen to the safety of steel structure is important guarantee to prevent the collapse, must pay highly attention! Hope and fellow friends. Don't make fun of the life of others. This article from: China network LED China network security exhibition
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