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Xiamen LED companies such as vertical marsh or product won the third batch of manufacturing single champion

by:Atop     2020-08-24
Optical network of China on November 16, recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China's industrial economy federation issued announcement, announced a third group of manufacturing single champions enterprise and individual products list. Among them, the single champion has 68 demonstration enterprises. It is understood that for global manufacturing single champion cultivation, improve enterprise professional ability and level, make breakthrough in key areas of manufacturing industry, promote the industry as a whole toward high-end in the global value chain, promote the development of China's manufacturing high quality, according to the manufacturing special action plan for individual champions to foster ascension ( The ministry of industry [2016] no. 105) , declare the self-directed, local department in charge of industry and information technology and industrial economic federation, the central enterprises recommended, industry association qualifications argument, expert argumentation and online public program, determine the third batch of manufacturing single champions enterprise and individual products list. In single champion demonstration enterprises, xiamen stand marsh o green color lighting group co. , LTD. According to understand, marsh, founded in 2000, is a professional research and development, production and sales of LED light source, lighting fixtures, intelligent products, Internet of things intelligent software and hardware, electronic energy-saving lamps and other products and provide system solutions of global well-known enterprises. Has three major production bases in xiamen, zhangzhou, sichuan, in Shanghai, shenzhen, Taiwan, Europe, America, Japan and other places have branches, production workshop 500000 square meters. Brand registered in 52 countries and regions of the world, products are exported to all over Japan and South Korea, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), the Middle East, European Union, north American free trade area and the Mediterranean coast in 85 countries and regions, such as the year LED products exports and production capacity ranks the industry forefront. Has 16 years manufacturing experience and hundreds of automated production lines, is ikea, osram, GE lighting, British gas, huawei and other well-known brands of high quality suppliers and partners around the world. Has composed of full-time professor, returning scholars, and so on more than 1000 professional r&d team, and has a 'state-level enterprise technology center', 'national light industry key laboratory'. Undertake national torch plan, 12 state-level scientific research projects, such as national key new product, 12 provincial scientific research projects, has nearly more than 1000 patent. Has won a number of heavyweight honorary awards, including China lighting industry big three, top national light industry, the Ministry of Commerce decided that 'China's top 500 private foreign trade enterprise', 2015 provincial government quality prize, was the ministry identified as national lighting industry the only 'smart manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise', 2016 award for 'best intelligent lighting solutions' from huawei, etc. Companies to participate in ZHAGA international organization for standardization of LED module of international standards, as well as the domestic LED lighting products related standards, and as an enabler to join Zigbee alliance and become the alliance members of the board of directors. In addition, individual champion product list, darfur electronics Co. , Ltd. Cold chain with LED lighting lamps and lanterns, Unilumin Group Co. , ltd. with the LED display list. Darfur 'electronics co. , LTD. Sales in cold chain lighting lamps and lanterns of $30. 7 million last year, the global accounts for more than 10% of the market segment, philips has become a global' singles champion '. At present, the 'self rich' has become 'swarovski' 'chow tai fook' and other brands under the global designated supplier of lamps and lanterns, and success in the market to create awareness in the museum. Experienced r&d team, advanced testing instruments and equipment, modern production lines and people-oriented scientific management, supporting the company's market competitiveness, the competitive position of cold-chain LED lighting lamps and lanterns. It is reported, the ningbo enterprises every year for nearly four years of research and development design fee in last year's sales of more than 5%, the last two years of r&d spending are more than 30 million yuan. The company ninety percent products are exported to Europe and the United States is the main market. Data shows, Unilumin Group Co. , Ltd. , a professional LED application products and solutions provider, is mainly engaged in LED full-color LED professional lighting and hd display, urban landscape lighting business three plates, which owns more than 20 charged with taking a stake in the company, marketing network and classic case all over the world, the global total performance is the industry leader for five years. Adhering to the 'show that glorious world, lighting happiness life' of the enterprise vision, for global customers to provide high-quality, high-performance full-color LED display screen, LED professional lighting and urban landscape lighting series products and solutions. The company was founded in 2004, successfully listed in 2011, the stock code is 300232, relying on excellent quality and good reputation won the 'shenzhen mayor quality prize - Honorable mention, '' baoan district district quality prize' and so on a series of awards.
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