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Wuhan huaxing photoelectric three panel displays such as power, build core screen mesh trillions of industry cluster

by:Atop     2020-08-07
In recent years, wuhan key layout of memory chips, display panels, intelligent terminals, such as digital economy a new generation of information technology at the core of the industry, to build a 'core screen net' trillions of industry cluster, the wuhan optical valley is one of representative industrial zone. Wuhan east lake new technology development zone, also known as 'China optical valley'. Founded in 1988, 2001, approved by the state planning commission, Ministry of Science and Technology for national optoelectronic industry base, China optical valley is the only country photoelectron information industry base, on behalf of the state to participate in world competition. At present, the optical valley formed photoelectron information industry as the leading factor, to build 'chip - Panel - Terminal 'trillion-dollar high-end consumer electronics industry cluster. As early as in 2008, the optical valley startup display industry layout. Lasted more than 10 years, the investment of nearly one hundred billion yuan, from LCD and OLED, from hard screen to the flexible screen, layout and construction of several new type of display panel production line. At present, the optical valley gathered huaxing photoelectric, wuhan tianma, and so on a number of leading domestic new display boe, as huawei, millet, such as TCL brand display panel of the core suppliers. Wuhan also rely on huaxing photoelectric, wuhan tianma, boe, such as leading enterprises, speed up the layout of the new display industry cluster. According to hubei daily previously reported, at present, the optical valley has become the largest and the most advanced technology in small and medium size display panel base, to 2020, the local display panel industry output value is expected to exceed one hundred billion yuan. In addition, on April 19, 2018, TCL group, industry research institute in optical valley. TCL chairman li dongsheng said, 'to guide new display under the overall strategy of the core research and development of equipment manufacturing project be born' in wuhan. It is worth noting that 2019 will be three panel on behalf of the wuhan - — Huaxing photoelectric, wuhan tianma, will usher in boe project key new node. Huaxing photoelectric t3 project expansion reform to build the world's largest LTPS monomer factory in 2014, wuhan huaxing photoelectric investment of 16 billion yuan in the east lake high-tech zone, and the construction of the domestic first generation of LTPS (6 Low temperature polycrystalline silicon) The display panel production line, that is, wuhan huaxing photoelectric t3 project, and in September 2016 to realize mass production in advance. Since the second half of 2018, wuhan huaxing t3 factory capacity and shipments continued ascension, of which the fourth quarter full production with sales and shipments up to 24. 8 million, second, ranked third in the global and domestic growth, the world, the top six brand customer shipments of mobile phones has occupied 80% of total shipments of the company. In the first quarter this year, 27. 28 million pieces of t3 project product shipped, year-on-year growth of 5. Nine times, the third place in the world, because the product is in short supply, further upgrade production line, the expansion of production capacity to meet the high-end customer demand. At present, the reform has entered the final stage, is about to become the world's largest factory, low temperature polycrystalline silicon monomer panel production capacity can reach 50000 Zhang Daban. It is predicted that the wuhan huaxing photoelectric t3 project will continue to maintain full production with sales, annual revenue is expected to break through the billions. T4 project will be put into production in March 2017, the investment of 35 billion yuan of the t4 project ( Six generations of flexible LTPS - AMOLED display panel production line project) Signing in wuhan east lake new technology development zone. The project design capacity for nissan 4. 50000 1500 mm x 1850 mm size glass substrate, using the flexible substrate, flexible LTPS process, OLED, flexible touch and flexible fender and other high-end flexible display technology, the main production 3 - 12 inches high resolution of flexible and folded smartphone with the display panel. According to the public information, wuhan huaxing photoelectric t4 is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2019, the first half of 2020. In march of this year, wuhan huaxing photoelectric semiconductor display technology co. , LTD. , said zhao yong, general manager of an interview with CCTV finance huaxing photoelectric behind still have t5 project planning, t5 capacity in the future, will be much larger than t4. Wuhan tianma interior is nearing an end tianma G6 factory is the earliest layout of low-temperature polysilicon, flexible display leading enterprises, small and medium size display field in wuhan to build two large production line. 4, respectively. Five generations (thin film transistor liquid crystal display device TFT - LCD) And color filter ( CF) Production line project and G6 LTPS AMOLED production line. Sales income of about 6. 8 billion yuan last year, huawei, millet, oppo, vivo, lenovo and other domestic mainstream intelligent terminal manufacturers production panel. Founded in November 2008, wuhan tianma and start the construction of a fourth. Five generations TFT - LCD and CF production line, the production line investment 4. 6 billion yuan, and put into production at the end of 2010. Tianma micro construction investment of about 12 billion yuan in 2015 G6 production line, is the world's first light of rigid and flexible at the same time display the sixth generation of AMOLED production line, and in June 2018 formally to the brand customer shipments. For smartphones, tablets and other mobile intelligent terminal products, products to emerging markets such as VR, AR, and smart wear, folding equipment provides the high quality of AMOLED plane, surface display. Latest news shows that at present, the G6 factory interior is nearing an end. After waiting for phase ii also full production next year, G6 factory output will reach 3. 750000 zhang/flexible OLED display panel, the 'unmanned factory' will create the annual output value of more than 17 billion yuan.
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