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Wisdom city hand in hand LED to meet huge business opportunities

by:Atop     2020-09-09
In the wisdom of the city construction and popularization of the Internet of things, as an important and indispensable wisdom city a breakthrough point, leds are increasingly applied in all aspects of the city of wisdom. The future of the wisdom of the city is not a single node intelligence, it is the age of the Internet of things and the Internet fusion and interflow. And the LED compatible with each other to become the priority of people choose display terminal.     LED lighting is faced with unprecedented opportunities for development & emsp;   As wisdom urban development and natural carrier, LED road lighting is facing unprecedented opportunities for development.     With previous 'ten city lamp that everything is different, will no longer constrained by the wisdom city LED street lamp lighting and environmental protection, more comprehensive build wisdom city application ecosystem. As the foundation of the wisdom urban construction nodes and the carrier, the LED street lamp can be connected to collect the data of various sensors, implementation to street lamp for the node to build wisdom urban network.     Huawei's chief technology officer, Dr Zhou Wu had made clear overview of street lamp for the future, he said, the future of the road lighting will be iot + LED lighting, through the Internet of things will together every street lamp. Street light as the carrier of the wisdom urban plan, not just for control and maintenance of street lighting, but a city into a city of wisdom, carrier will sensors, various functions through the street lamp covers the whole city, and population, at the same time the cover is dynamic.     For example, we create a iot based on street lighting lighting, users can quickly ad-hoc network, containing a variety of iot devices and all aspects of the application, make it the lights can not only cover the demand, and cover the needs of the Internet of things. In addition, on the quick gateway provide unlimited connection, the edge will be calculated on the gateway, to realize intelligent edge. On this basis, the platform, users can also create wisdom place all sorts of iot sensor on the street, the whole architecture allows users to apply the street lighting in the Internet of things.     In addition, the street light pole unique value, can be placed WIFI to provide wireless coverage, through the sensor directly through the street lamp is connected to the cloud, can even install the LED display, according to city information, can also be street light into charging lever.     And the future road lighting shape will be based on the light pole WIFI model city 'Internet', based on the light pole integrated access to the city 'Internet of things' and based on the pattern of LED street light optical wireless network, 'the Internet', will be LED lights into wisdom city network system, open a steady and continuous development of urban services, realize the comprehensive utilization of resources.     Wisdom city bring greater market space for small spacing & emsp;   LED display, small spacing as wisdom city display terminal, also has the very big development space in the future. At the same time, the small distance between the LED industry chain has been fully mature, the east wind has been rising, horns has sounded, all connected, perception is not imagination all things in the future. At present, the user application way presents the change trend of increasingly diversified. And LED display applications are increasingly in-depth to each domain, its related technologies become more mature. These small spacing, LED display the advantage of the more obvious. 2017 small spacing and LED display industry had a 'bumper harvest'. Small spacing LED display industry transition from steady development to 'explosive' growth. Under the big pattern, intelligent security protection system construction for small spacing technology has more pressing needs, so in 2018 will be more intense competition in the industry, the market will more great challenges. Wisdom city become a commercial air port, it LED small spacing for the requirements of the product's maturity and availability, creative is becoming more and more high.     In the city to speed up the construction of wisdom, the wisdom of traffic environment, when the diversified vast complex information instead of a single video information form the basis for decision making, when the group decision-making based on sufficient information to replace individual decisions based on insufficient information, scheduling, command and control center become the hub of wisdom city construction, monitoring and information visualization for pavement demand is very urgent, perfect control system for small spacing also brings greater market space.     Large companies are action & emsp;   'China is the world the most potential one of the countries for the construction of Internet of things. 'Fly Asian senior creative director feng xin leaves in the speech, said' the city of the most widely range of lighting combination of network and mobile operator network launched to meet the needs of cities across operational application and scene, can promote the development of the Internet of things and wisdom city quickly, help around the wisdom of city operation mode transformation. ”
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