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Wisdom city construction in full swing LED lighting panel in billions fresh air

by:Atop     2020-09-07
Automobil LED net reported on March 5, the current vigorous development of LED display niche has been closely watched from the LED display screen, small spacing to now look like a 'dark horse' LED screen, to the stage of recovery LED rental screen in recent years, iterative update niche products always pulling all the LED screen, let a person feeling subdivided market competition is intense, at the same time, also without looking forward to more broad space for segmentation. Compete in each big niche stalemate, along with the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other new technology development and application of LED lamp post screen as 'vanguard' wisdom city construction, in the vast and potential market demand, companies scramble to layout. Wisdom city construction in full swing LED lamp post screen billions air mouth wisdom city construction in the past two years is hot word, has become the another billions of tuyere, after the Internet and in the process of wisdom city construction, a lot of peripheral industry benefit to get fast development. Among them, the intelligent LED display lamp posts, as one of the main public facilities of the people's livelihood of urban construction, relative to other public facilities, play important role in the wisdom of city construction, ushered in the new driving force of development. According to relevant statistics show that 2017 Chinese LED street light the size of the market continues to grow rapidly and reached 11. 9 billion yuan, up 26% from a year earlier, in 2018 is expected to domestic LED lights market scale will reach 14. 2 billion yuan. Wisdom LED display light pole, is a street lamp as the carrier, in combination with WiFi Internet technology, Internet technology, and even interactive sensing technology for the integration of a new type of intelligent information platform. There is no doubt that the LED light pole LED display screen is necessarily wisdom light pole on the main display media, as a new form of digital signage, with its full outdoor natural advantages, can play including remote interactive video, face recognition, weather, environment monitoring, remote control functions such as cluster, and with the increased social of intelligent LED display technology, can bring to the audience all outdoor highlighted an excellent visual experience, high-definition effect. Wisdom, on the other hand, the LED light pole screen not only can play audio, video, text and other multimedia content, you can also use mobile phone even wi-fi Internet access, video monitoring road information, the display of temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2. Five values such as environmental data, and at the same time can also play the convenient service such as information, achieve business value and service functions of the people's livelihood, people can timely attention to the change of the surrounding environment, and make corresponding response to life and production. Thus, LED lamp post screen product advantage is obvious, in the process of wisdom city construction also can really play a bigger role. Not only that, as the process of accelerating wisdom, lifts a 5 g boom in 2018, is expected in 2019 will be 5 g of the first year of business, by 2020, 5 g will get large scale on a global scale, at that time, demand for carrying the wisdom of the base station light pole will burst, and the LED light pole core part of the screen as a wisdom, wisdom is street light project operation ( A fee) Important channel, will usher in a new round of development opportunities in the future. Highlights of outdoor advertising business value unique communication advantages attention LED light pole without wisdom city, now in the outdoor advertising market also reflects the huge commercial value. In people's understanding of the traditional LED display applications in the field of outdoor advertising is big, but with wisdom traffic speed under renovation, wisdom, light pole, to popularize and apply for a closer look at the small area of LED display gets gradually the favour of outdoor advertisers, become a new form in the field of outdoor advertising. , so to speak, with a small spacing technology, network technology such as blessing of LED screen, light pole in the outdoor advertising 'small screen' market also has strong competitiveness, and for the first time presents a wide range of applications of big data, display advertising carrier to form a great scale. With the development of modern new retail, how to consumers as the core, the content of the push beyond expectations for consumers became a problem for the development of traditional outdoor media. In addition, how to grab the audience's attention, effectively convey information and create high conversion rate, is the outdoor advertising industry all feel headache. And all this for the LED screen and LED advertising vendors would light pole is a very good starting point, with the innovation point of view and accurate positioning, fast in the outdoor advertising market, also pulled open the distance with the traditional outdoor advertising operators. Outdoor advertising market in recent years the income presents the ladder type growth state, according to data show that in 2018 global outdoor advertising NAR are expected to grow 4. 6% to $34 billion, the global outdoor advertising market in 2020 is expected to reach $50. 7 billion.
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