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Why is associated with World Cup LED the subject shares fell?

by:Atop     2020-09-11
On June 14, the 21st session of World Cup, a global sporting event, opened the prelude of countless fans carnival. However, with the sharp contrast, almost fell on the day of the World Cup stocks, LED display enterprises in China, also including Abby's closed down 2. 33%, otto electronic closed down 2. 74%, lianjian photoelectric fell 4. 05%, lehman shares drop stop! Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 'LED picture' make LED display 'reputation', LED display has become regular customers of various kinds of major sports events. Whether as props at the opening ceremony of the games, or games broadcast live and large screen, LED display is 'essential'. Therefore, the LED display enterprise has always been of major sports events, especially the world-class sports feast full of expectation. Whenever a grand sports event, we can display enterprise 'communicating', can not only the opportunity to make a lot of money, also can brings to the enterprise's brand image and reputation of good propaganda effect, kill two birds with one stone of it. However, why there will be a World Cup, the world carnival, LED display companies like fell into the ice? Why's imagination! It is understood that this World Cup, in addition to the event itself, attracted so much attention is one of the 'Chinese elements', the 2018 World Cup host is Russia, 'co-host' in China, from the caddie to the audience, from souvenirs to game products, from the sponsors to advertisers, can see the figure of China. In bai yansong's words: 'Russia's World Cup, in addition to the football team didn't go to China, basically all went to the other'! As a frequent visitor to major sports events, the Chinese LED display enterprise nature also won't miss this year's World Cup. We are everywhere in the World Cup autoart LED display, the rolling for 12 of the World Cup stadium electronic game with screen, as well as the press hall of the background of the screen. More it is worth mentioning that this is the third time autoart electronic foray into the World Cup, it is very rare in the industry and to be able to do this step, the autoart electronic products, quality has won the acceptance of host. In addition, the World Cup, we can also find Abby's display products. This session of World Cup matches will be 12 course of 11 cities in Russia, including kaliningrad stadium, rostov stadium and kazan arena have installed Abby's LED display. Like otto electronic, Abby, can be said to be the major international sports event heavyweight 'players', from Abby's first 2008 sets of LED screen to be put into use in Cyprus, pitch on Abby's on the football field in the new era, Abby, has entered the football field is the first ten years. Since Abby's entered the football field, successively with the eredivisie, serie a, the euro, the bundesliga, club World Cup, French, Russian and Portuguese chao deng had cooperation international top-level football. As a display enterprise has great influence in the industry, Abby's installed in kaliningrad World Cup stadium, riverside rostov stadium and kazan arena of nearly 2000 ㎡ sports outdoor display screen, not only can bring hd display effect for fans all over the world, its product quality is commendable. And according to the understanding, the kazan arena of LED display screen is installed in 2013, kazan in the winter time is long, cold climate, usually about ten degrees below zero, extreme low temperature in winter in the bad environment, Abby's outdoor sports screen operation for 5 years, still can live as the World Cup, it serves to show its high quality products.
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