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Why did you choose quantum dots? From the LED display

by:Atop     2020-09-11
White LED has been widely applied in people's life, under the blue leds and conversion fluorescent material in combination with white light source, the spectrum of white light regulation of solution has been used in a variety of consumer products, no matter from the LCD panel back light to LED bulbs. Up the market demand and technological innovation, LED white light source is from the original pursuit to meet high efficiency, high brightness to the color of the controllable light and higher quality. We for transformation under the fluorescent material, introduces some new technology about LED display. Understand why should we use quantum dots as the next generation optical conversion materials used in the LED display. High quality tradition of the LED is blue leds combined with YAG phosphors composed of white light, has the advantages of high photosynthetic efficiency, low cost. But its spectrum and people used to place the sun is still some gap, promote color rendering index under the direction of the main is by adding a variety of conversion fluorescent material, such as a wide variety of color spectrum phosphors, LED white light spectrum closer to full spectral range. But that was the other way, try to use a narrow half peak width of multicolor laser combination as a white light source, to test whether can be received by people. From the U. S. department of energy (sandia national laboratories SNL) Mr. Tsao with blue, green, yellow, HongSi color laser combination into a white light source. Graph: four color laser light principle diagram the team is very curious, the white light of the diode laser will affect the human eye, rather than leds to produce white light. To test this problem, researchers at the university of new Mexico high-tech materials center to carry out a series of tests. Through four color laser compared with incandescent lamp, through 40 volunteers blind test, the volunteers that there was no significant preference for the choice of light source, which means that the laser as light source and the traditional incandescent lamp with high color rendering index for people as the user doesn't difference. The results for us to use peak width narrow spectral combination as a white light source is very reference value. Wide color gamut display based on LED backlight of liquid crystal display technology is now the mainstream television and mobile phone market, LED as light source, white need forms through various ways of dealing with RGB pixel to produce can be perceived image. Graph: the principle diagram of the LCD TV and dismantling different colors of pixels mainly through a backlight source combination filter implementation, here don't speak, first we have a chance to detail. Traditional phosphors have wide half peak width, after the filter will be absorbed the extra energy spectrum, this not only caused the fall of the efficiency, through the filter of half peak width is wide, the spectrum of color gamut coverage area is not enough light. As shown in the figure below, if we have a narrow the half peak width of 24 nm spectrum, such as red, green, and blue light, so much of their spectra can be direct filter, its color gamut can substantially more than standard NTSC. Graph: quantum dots with different area wide color gamut half peak here maybe someone has been found that around the high quality and wide color gamut, according to all mentioned an important parameter, is the half peak width narrow spectrum. Quantum dots ( 量子点) Material particle size, generally between 1 ~ 10 nm, because the electrons and holes is quantum confined, continuous band structure into discrete energy level structure, so the light spectrum is very narrow, 20-30nm) , high chromaticity pure, wide color gamut, but significantly more than the NTSC color gamut range (> 100%) ; At the same time through the color filter light absorption loss is small, can achieve low power consumption. Due to the quantum confined effect, the same kind of material need only change quantum dots particle size covering the entire area visible spectrum can be realized. A variety of different size of quantum dots can be mixed in certain proportion, implementation is similar to the natural color of the sun, get high color rendering index. Quantum dot is due to the above characteristics, academic researchers and industry technology was concerned. This article from: search LED lighting headlines
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