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Who will be the future subversives LED display industry?

by:Atop     2020-09-13
For sure answer, innovation is the first motive force in the LED display industry changes, also will certainly is industry subversives. The traditional LED display were profiled screen, small spacing, COB opens new era packaging, transparent screen, grille screen for the outdoor wall display more likely, the interactive screen for more life monotonous screen, these are upset by 'innovation'! Throughout the industry, LED display technology development has entered a relatively mature stage, as the further optimization in small spacing and the emergence of new COB, Micro LED, etc. , has a clearer direction of innovation and development. And industrial chain on the LED chips encapsulation, display devices, supporting facilities and other companies are also trying to to improve the technique and technology of the existing process, is also increasing attention to new technology and exploration. 。 。 。 。 。 We need to rely on transform and upgrade the industry's innovation to drive. And as the global display to further improve the market demand, has prompted LED display manufacturers more intense market competition. In the region's 'screen', only adheres to the innovative consciousness of the screen, can the last laugh, and the conformity, don't know the fresh air to keep up with the market demand to the screen, be reversed just sooner or later. But from the current situation, in addition to the industry, a group of veteran 'tap' screen and in recent years the rise of the new 'dark horse' screen companies, other small and medium-sized screen enterprise innovation, the situation is not optimistic. Investigate the fundamental reason is the integration of the industry has a big trend, strong advantage resources to screen are concentrated, weak panel companies in capital, technology, manufacturing, brand, channel and so there is insufficient, so their innovation difficulty also bigger. Under such an environment, however, there has been a long-term adherence to the innovation of small and medium-sized industry screen, they find a suitable in many innovative direction and persistence, such as: LED display energy-saving power to promote, display simple installation and maintenance, new material research and application of LED display enclosure, and even LED display and VR, AR, 3 d virtual technology such as the combination of the AR in the concept of 'people screen interaction' virtual fitting room, adult children are interested in AR game park, and so on. With the constant improvement of intelligent LED display screen and display the creative development, the LED display could have more areas for the audience to bring surprise. Sincerely hope that in the new era, we will continue to change the idea, strengthen innovation, further achieve disruptive technology industry. Currently in LED display technology, product innovation, under the development trend of the application of LED display become smaller, whether in the field of large area display, or a small area of the close show level, the LED display is present a certain feasibility and good application prospect. And, as digital and intelligent process to speed up the commercialization, and the application of blue ocean of LED display more grand, the future looking forward to more innovative subversion LED display field. This article from: China LED net LED display channels
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