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White LED light source materials application status and trends

by:Atop     2020-08-22
Aladdin lighting net 25 message, light environment for plant growth and development indispensable important physical and environmental factors, can be adjusted by light quality, plant morphology, promote plant growth, shorten the plants blossom in time, improve the plant production, production capacity has become a global focus, and to develop high-performance light-emitting material is suitable for plant growth. With the update, and display device as the core materials of rare earth luminescent material is happening with each passing day change, in view of the present situation and development trend of luminescent material are described below. 1 wide color gamut LED back light liquid crystal display (LCD) with luminescent material in recent years, the flat display of liquid crystal display ( LCD) The most robust development momentum, become leading technology in the field of flat display. Based on the white light light-emitting diode ( 领导) The back light liquid crystal display for its good color reducibility, low power consumption, long life and other prominent advantages, at present, the permeability in the field of liquid crystal display has more than 95%. Way in view of the liquid crystal display with white LED, by considering the factors such as technology, performance and cost, 'blue LED chip + phosphors' way with high technical maturity, the cost is relatively low, and still is the mainstream of white LED. For liquid crystal display backlighting, using the 'blue LED chip + phosphor to produce white light, after the filtered light, light, need to produce the pure red, blue and green colors, thus phosphors is decided the LED backlit LCD color gamut of the key factors. Widely used in the LED backlit LCD display phosphors for Y3Al5O12: CE ( 掺钕钇铝石榴石:CE) And SIAlON phosphors system: the EU green phosphor ( Part adopts silicate green powder) A composite system of red phosphors and nitride. Because spectrum peaks of the former is wide, poor color purity, its about 70% of the NTSC color gamut display range, and then a technical solution shows that can be raised to 80% only NTSC color gamut range, but the color of green powder because the y coordinate value and color coordinates x values are lower, display color gamut range is difficult to reach more than 85% NTSC, and photosynthetic efficiency fell by 40% in the previous kind of technical solutions. Wide color gamut LCD LED display technology is a more than 90% NTSC display color gamut, through its can render images, rich colors, realize the reduction of the real world stunning visual effects. The wide color gamut LED back light display key implementation is 'blue chip + SIAlON: EU green powder + fluoride because' system. Now state-owned development, however, wide color gamut of rare earth development LED back light liquid crystal display (LCD) with a new type of high fluoride performance of phosphor and in a level to international level, especially the developed industry can only batch supply germanium fluoride phosphors. Domestic SIAlON: EU green powder performance and there is still a large gap, abroad domestic YouYan rare earth etc. While it is possible to realize high band SIAlON: EU green powder of small batch, but its main markets are monopoly by foreign companies. At present, based on the new LED back light liquid crystal display color gamut of the industrialization level is more than 90% of the NTSC, to develop new type of phosphors and LED back light, further will rise to 110% NTSC color liquid crystal display (LCD) domain, comparable to OLED/QLED technology, the good news is that, at present because fluoride phosphor wavelengths longer than the existing narrowband emission and than SIAlON: EU green pink higher purity green powder research has already nascent, and is expected to achieve application level in the next 2-3 years, will be for efficient utilization of our country has built a very complete LCD technology and industry, to seize the high, wide color gamut liquid crystal display technology, realize breakthrough in liquid crystal display technology in China and catch up with very good material basis. 1. 2 other emerging display technology with OLED light-emitting materials with active luminous, high luminous efficiency, light color purity, bright color, low power consumption, ultra thin and light, can be flexible, and many other advantages, full-color display, in the fields of both shows good prospects for development, is the industry. OLED display technology in the TV, mobile terminals, the application of VR, watches and other wearable equipment potential, as well as the domestic the OLED panel is gradually recognized by the market, also will provide the OLED display industry with bursts of power. According to the market investigation, OLED TV $three thousand in the United States in the high-end market, the market share of 65% in the first quarter of 2017, 55 inches can reach 100%, Europe is the same. So OLED display technology still has good application prospect.
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