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Where is the transparent LED display new market blue ocean?

by:Atop     2020-09-12
In recent years, although more transparent LED display market hot but so far has not been widely spread and its high price, even to most users has resulted in many application fields has not been widely developed and also considering the cost of its production, after-sales service and marketing are the urgent need to solve the problems. Transparent LED display fully, without sunscreen, using the characteristics of flexible by digital stage designers use to get incisively and vividly. And, in the digital stage, transparent LED display are also gradually into high-end display market, which in outdoor advertising, exhibition, window display fields such as penetration rate is relatively large. Before we had analyzed transparent LED display in the development of outdoor advertising, so, in the business field, transparent LED display can attack the belongs to own a piece of territory? 1, creative visual perception, foil a brand of fashion style, moreover, in the high-tech zone, a high and new technology enterprise, etc. , makes more pay attention to science and technology, innovation atmosphere of the place, transparent LED display can not only play video advertising, brand, corporate propaganda, can build a brand markers at the same time, virtually rendering the culture atmosphere of enterprise innovation, advance with The Times, to increase people's 'brownie points'. In the high-grade commercial shopping center, bar, hotel and other places of entertainment consumption, transparent LED display, through the appearance of the fashionable avant-courier, attracting people's creative selling point, increase consumption. 2, creative fashion show demand, massive application of market with the characteristics of high transparency, transparent LED display can easily create a clever and aesthetic feeling, and visual character of penetrating, LED illumination also makes its own sense of fashion, technology, and the future, very popular in the field of creative display, high-end display. Such as the 2017 Shanghai auto show and guangzhou auto show, the transparent LED display in the automobile products for each big brand booth eye - — Numerous car brands choose transparent LED electronic screen to decorate the booth, car ads, can highlight brands and avant-garde sense and sense of science and technology. Similarly, in the high luxury, fashion brand stores, transparent LED display has become 'darling', there are a number of luxury, fashion brand store, introduced the transparent LED display, advertising as a window to display their products. Why it is not difficult to understand - — Transparent screen permeability design highly fit, and most of the stores transparent window can display dynamic video advertising products, and not completely blocked past passers-by watch store product display, etc. , and transparent glass screen still belongs to a new LED display device, give a person with trendy. Troops before 3, after the tigers, market achievements of judah to consolidate though transparent LED display with high permeability, beautiful novel features, but it does not mean that it can go anywhere. In particular, in the current new display equipment are escalating development, the promotion of transparent LED display the current is still relatively limited, market awareness needs to be strengthened. And in this, have the opportunity to cut into the market completely new products, and transparent LED display a relatively high and low. By the application of the above listed, we see not hard, transparent LED display creative, beautiful appearance, make it become fashion place of science and technology creative display device for options. In the digital advertising to speed up the development process, increasingly developed commodity economy today, transparent LED display will show the road more walk more far. In the pursuit of high permeability rate, transparent LED display to a certain extent at the cost of high density, high definition display, this also means that it is difficult to go further in the field of close show. What's more, in close transparent display, liquid crystal transparent screen that has been used, the pixels and transparency are more suitable for a closer look. Combined with indoor business areas, high definition is more popular with the merchants, so transparent LED display screen and liquid crystal transparent market still need to continue to improve the level of technology. Last year, in addition to the LCD, as LED display, the new research and development of LED film screen products are to be reckoned with. In addition to also have high permeability rate, LED the paster screen also has a soft, lightweight, easy to install, and other advantages, instead of using glass as raw materials, its protective performance is higher. With transparent LED display is more similar, its application field is more for glass Windows, glass curtain wall and other places, can be said to be the alternative high products. At present, the LED film screen application market is still small, market education also far less transparent LED display, but the installation is simple, the advantages of the volume discount is also more flexible than the latter, so transparent LED display manufacturer is not content with the status quo, and the heart of the need to remain on high alert. In addition, transparent screen appear a rate, also make it less than conventional screen display quality, the content of the broadcast video advertising is relatively slow, so in addition to the transparent window, glass building, other ads show less applied to transparent LED display, which is limiting the further development, show the market one of the factors. To sum up, the advantages and disadvantages of transparent LED display is brought about by the two aspects of the characteristics of its technology, this technology will help both transparent panel application in the field of high-end display, and also limits its wider application. Now, general use transparent LED display from the high-end market, not only to solve the technical obstacles on display, also need to lower prices, and strengthen the marketing, education, first to occupy the market potential, can further broaden its market share in the field of business show, open up new markets blue ocean. This article from: flush financial service network in China LED net
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