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What is the principle of LED display frequency? LED electronic display working principle display technology and application

What is the principle of LED display frequency? LED electronic display working principle display technology and application


Display technology is a kind of information (optical, electrical, acoustic, chemical, etc.) that reflects the objective things of the outside world. It is transformed and displayed in appropriate form (mainly images, graphics, numbers, characters) for display. A technique that people view, analyze, and use. Nowadays, the so-called display technology can be called electronic information display technology. It is a technology with a certain degree of comprehensiveness based on sciences such as optics, chemistry, electronics, mechanics and acoustics. The application and research of electronic display technology covers a wide range, including the research and experiment of the luminescence mechanism of various luminescent materials; the basic principle and structure of various display modes, the selection and fabrication process of materials and devices for display; Display information input, transformation, processing and control, and more. With the development of science and technology, with the development of economy, military, society and people's lives, the variety and quantity of information is increasing. People live in information programs, and they get some kind of information all the time. Studies have shown that nearly two-thirds of the information people receive is through the eyes. Display technology is a window for people to provide a variety of important information; and, as you can imagine, display technology has an extremely broad development horizon. Display technology has been widely used. In stadiums, the large-screen display system can display the game live and the results, time, etc.; in the transportation industry, it can display the operation; in the financial industry, financial information such as stocks can be displayed in real time. Exchange rate, etc.; in commercial post and telecommunications systems, you can display notifications, news, advertisements, etc. to a wide range of customers. Display technology can also be widely used in industrial, agricultural, military, medical units, public security systems, and even aerospace industries, and plays an important role in the national economy, social life and military fields.

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