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Watching American InfoComm2017, you know the development trend of LED display

by:Atop     2020-08-15
According to the small make up to know, on June 14, 2017, the three-day InfoComm International exhibition opened in Orlando, Florida. According to statistics, in the world's largest professional conference on digital information technology and solutions and systems industry trade show, the global total of 148 LED display companies to attend. So, these LED display enterprise which products exhibition? NEC UN551S stunning appearance NEC together spell series LCD display engineering features is its biggest will flat-fell seam spacing reduced to 1. 8 mm, when the broadcast media content increased the display area, make the picture more complete, more visual wallop. At the scene of the InfoComm show, NEC a single vertical display, the screen in the form of 4 * 4 joining together of a group of domestic splicing display wall, give a person can bring a shock the visual impact of the mind. NEC and spelling a series of liquid crystal display using LED backlight design and the design of anti glare, screen brightness is very uniform, excessive levels of very natural, and more realistic visual perception, as show wall can not only enjoy the bright screen, the quality of products can also true feelings show merchants. In addition, NEC and spell series LCD display engineering point of view is very broad, even if the watch from the side, the reduction of color is also very accurate. Combined with NEC unique and rich engineering menu options, enables the user to adjust the picture color, according to actual situation to give consumers a better experience. Such as landscape features, product exhibition, entertainment programs broadcast, etc. , NEC products can display more powerful than the ordinary. LG push multifunctional transparent LED display screen LG film to the U. S. market to launch a unique new type of LED display, — Can realize various installation possibility of LG transparent LED film displays. This display will LG to new product market, added to the existing digital signage on the market at present. In the show as you can see, this kind of LG transparent LED film displays ( Model LAT300MT1) In seamless interaction with the surrounding environment at the same time, shows the content of data and information. It can reach more than 1000 nits brightness, each 480 x 480 mm LED panel contains 256 pixels, support is suitable for content and information display gray tone. The products also provide more display options that can support rules and irregular aspect ratio, has the dynamic interface appearance. Due to connect two transparent LED display panel to display panel, and through the Daisy chain from the cell controller supports 24 film panel, LG transparent LED film can easily scale, so as to adapt to a variety of installation environment. What is more, the flexible display screen on the surface of work, parallel to the frame, can be cut to size, really transform any region of the common glass into the most advanced digital sign. LG, of course, also have on small spacing of the LED screen. This article from: GDLED guangdong LED search LED
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