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Vaccine event quality wake-up call for LED display industry

by:Atop     2020-09-08
The nature of the event serious fraud vaccine, wide range, the affects all the LED screen and at the same time, also the quality of the wake-up call for the whole LED display industry. Longevity of the rabies vaccine sales accounts for nearly a quarter of the domestic market, but according to the survey, longevity of rabies vaccine, 'the DPT vaccine to detect unqualified, in stock only 186, 250000 doses are almost all sold to shandong, involving children, up to 215184 people, really worry! After the incident was exposed, immediately cause the anger and fear of the society, parents hurried through the child's vaccine records, and they were afraid to children vaccine of the question. From false moutai to fake vaccine, more and more bad businessman in order to obtain the product profits, at the life safety of the customers abandon the, by cutting corners, fraud and other means to blindly reduce the product cost, it may bring people to the life of the irreversible damage, but also caused a crisis of confidence for the Chinese market. The nature of the event serious fraud vaccine, wide range, the affects all the LED screen and at the same time, also the quality of the wake-up call for the whole LED display industry. In addition to milk powder, vaccines, and wine, LED display also can appear the problem? Indeed, LED display false rare, but in recent years, due to the LED display, or involve the safety of the LED display can be a lot of accident. Such as in April 2017, jinzhou city external LED display screen in the corner of a hotel caught fire, burning fire spread to the whole screen fortunately rescue in a timely manner, to quickly put out the fire, otherwise the consequences; 2016 'Chinese good voice' national urban audition in times square stone county, in the process of audition, stage in the middle of the huge LED screen suddenly fell, hit the female athletes are singing; On June 30, weifang meteorological bureau issued lightning orange early warning signal, in the storm, weifang Olympic sports center oktoberfest collapse of makeshift lamp and LED display, the chaos; Such events, numerous, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 'Rome is not build in a day', LED display the frequent safety accidents, under the 'price war' over the years with the industry market, quality, and ignore the deformation of difference production competition are closely related. At the same time, labor, raw materials and operating costs are up considerably, the enterprise also bear the heavy tax burden, under the weight of the high cost, corporate profits and be cut, straight lead to industry product homogeneity serious, to market the quality of the product is generally uneven. Can be seen from the accident cases, outdoor advertising and rental sector are two of the safety accident rate is extremely high application field, they have a more unique requirements on products. In the field of the lease, due to the LED rental screen itself need to often move, the characteristics of disassembly, installation, parts manufacturers driven by interests, before the use of excessive light show the installation of the product disassembly, and many other characteristics, to cater to consumer demand, however, due to the limit of their production conditions, often attend, neglected the quality of the product itself, so that the installation of material is not up to standard, for the engineering safety problems. And in the field of outdoor advertising, LED display area is larger, and is generally installed on the dense buildings, once appear problem such as fire, falling, will likely bring unimaginable damage. But part of the manufacturer under the lure of interests, often because of selfish interests irresponsible, cut corners, relying on the previous engineering experience, with fluky psychology, can not implement the project of safety supervision work, easy to trigger the hidden dangers of accidents. , of course, it is often said that 'a rainy day rain', admittedly, if it is due to the natural environment caused by individual LED display safety accident, it is beyond our control, but repeatedly incident frequency over the past two years, has been unable to explain in 'natural' 2 words, has started talking about 'screen' to terminal market, even as it is high risk project, direct fuel industry crisis of confidence. JingZhongChangMing, serious reflection, fake vaccine incident, we sad, to punish fraud activists exalted banner, so in the face of crisis LED display industry, how do we prevent these potentially dangerous? First of all, plus ca change, resulting in LED display the cause of the accident into this change, but in the end, or the quality of your goods. Today, the market began to pay more attention to the quality of products, no longer blindly pursue prices lower, so that the LED display industry manufacturers slowly out of the mire of 'price war', the target into a more high-end market reality.
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