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Using boe wonders photoelectric flexible OLED vehicle display driver IC

by:Atop     2020-08-25
On May 29, wonders photoelectric announced (boe 英国科技集团有限公司 ) Using the flexible OLED automotive display driver IC and sequential control IC ( 时间控制器) And related products in the '2019 American SID show weeks ( 显示一周) 'Appearance is revealed, shipment is expected to begin the second half of 2019, customer new product will be launched in 2020. Wonders photoelectric pointed out that using the membrane flip chip packaging ( COF) The flexible OLED display driver IC, the boe in 12. 3 inches surface flexible OLED triple screen for display, for the cockpit area, only 0. The frame of 99 mm is quite innovative. Wonders also develop OLED for boe, sequential control IC, used in the production of lighter and thinner of surface flexible OLED display. 英国央行( Beijing Oriental) The triple screen for display is to use three pieces of 12. 3 inches flexible AMOLED screen replaces the traditional liquid crystal car screen, respectively as the dashboard, the navigation screen, screen entertainment. Wonders photoelectric is a focus on the image display processing technology of IC design company. The company was established in 2001, the headquarters is located in tainan. , according to its website wonders photoelectric achieved more than 3011 patents on three continents, global product application all kinds of consumer electronics products. Compared with the traditional LCD, OLED displays have better image quality, light weight, thin thin design and flexible appearance, in the past few years, OLED panel in the smartphone market penetration, with the increase of production capacity, OLED displays are also for more import car factory. Wonders, points out that the flexible OLED display commercial, factory can further use in the cause of the dash and center console. This new car display application, the purpose is to provide better audio-visual experience for car users. In addition to the OLED driving IC, wonders also revealed that cooperation with Beijing Oriental development OLED sequential control IC, to produce lighter of surface flexible OLED display. Compared with the traditional TFT LCD, OLED displays have excellent image quality, light weight, the appearance of narrow thin design and flexible advantage, in the past few years, continually improve permeability in the smartphone market. And with the increase of OLED production capacity, combined with OLED can provide better display performance and greater design flexibility, OLED display in the car market more and more popular. Wonders, points out that the flexible OLED display commercial, enables the car factory to further create design revolution, but is not limited to the dashboard and instrument panel, display become light, thin, fragile and suitable for any shape, surface, can do a lot of new applications. Wonders CEO Wu Bingchang said the company vehicle display driver IC revenue increased 44% last year, now accounting for more than 30% of global vehicle display driver IC market. He emphasized that cooperation with boe in flexible OLED automotive displays, not only represents a new growth opportunities, also confirm the wonders of technology leading position. Set piconets set piconets
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