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Ultra clear industry planning on bring a new round of development opportunities for LED electronic screen industry

by:Atop     2020-08-22
Before the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the state administration of radio, television, the central radio and television reception jointly issued the high-definition video industry development plan of action ( 2019 - 2022) 》。 Predicts 2022, the overall scale of China's high clear video industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan, high-definition video users reached 200 million, 4 k industry ecological system perfect, basic 8 k key technology product development and industrialization of a breakthrough. In fact, led electronic screen ultra-high thanh hoa has become a very significant trend, along with the relevant national policies developed and people focus on ultra-high resolution display industry and the demand is increasing, high-definition video industry will promote the development of ultra-high thanh hoa end demand increase, will also have far-reaching influence on the development of led display Gao Qinghua. For LED display manufacturer, high-definition video industry has been expanding its market, must to bring a new round of development opportunities to LED electronic screen. Ultra clear industry chain involves more links, mainly including the codec chip manufacturers, sensors, display suppliers, etc. Action plan A, the a-share listed companies high-definition video stocks rose the next day. From the change of the capital market, we can see that people are concerned about the high clear video industry and look forward to. Will undoubtedly promote the development of high-definition video industry. Ultra-high thanh hoa end demand increase, and at the same time will affect the development of ultra clear screen ecological. In fact, as people focus on ultra-high resolution display industry and the demand is increasing, the national related policy developed, LED display industry for layout also already in the field of ultra clear. LED electronic screen ultra-high thanh hoa has become a very significant trend, this is our LED display in recent years the application of the exhibition at the meeting, also have, such as shortly before the end of shenzhen LED fair ISLE and guangzhou, there is no lack of all 4 k hd screen. As ultra-high resolution an important link in the industry of LED display, since the beginning of the industry, has experienced the early single and double color to full color, and then to today's small spacing high-definition display, even to the Mini/Micro LED development, the industry has maintained a innovative, trying different techniques to break the shackles, LED display happen a qualitative leap in display, hd, and even ultra hd display, this is a very important direction of the development of the LED display, while the 'action plan' issued to the whole industry has brought the turning point opportunity, will be to promote the driving force for continuous progress LED display technology, hundreds of companies, millions of workers, a new round of audio-visual war has been open. Led electronic screen to realize high-definition necessarily mean led display pixel pitch is more and more small, narrow the points spacing of led display can be very good to improve the clarity, the footage showed more exquisite; The contrast is also one of the key factors affecting the visual effects, generally the higher the contrast, the clearer image, strong color more gorgeous, high contrast for performance, the gray level image clarity, detail have very big help. Contrast for dynamic video display effects to be bigger, because of the dynamic image of light and shade change is faster, the higher the contrast, the easier the eyes distinguish the conversion process. In ultra clear under the call of times, with the small distance between the LED display technology becoming mature, user demand changing, more and more end users choose small spacing LED, DLP projection, LCD panel splicing screen traditional application scenarios, such as hotel, the venue, conference and exhibition, the monitoring center will be gradually replaced by LED ultra hd display. In the past, the domestic market relatively low-end, large, joining together just to upgrade transformation of the traditional desktop LCD, is used in the market, has many disadvantages, such as the resolution is not enough, it is hard to reach 1080 p level, and the lack of DLP projection on the color performance overall stability remains to be improved, creates opportunities for the development of led display, in an age of nowadays Gao Qinghua, high-definition led display its picture delicate degree now very handsome, is no longer 'can only far view' of the product. The size of the market in 2018, according to data of indoor small spacing of 19. $9. 7 billion, up to 39% annual growth, mainly comes from the future trend of the ultra small spacing of continuous fermentation, the LED display screen largest commercial market small spacing from business and education, high-end retail, hotels and theaters and other places of cultural entertainment, LED display the current application in the field of permeability is not high, the future has greater potential to replace the traditional, LCD, DLP, and projection display has become an important growth point of LED display business in the future. To be sure, the ultra hd display time is doomed to be an age of 'schools of thought contend', it for industrial upgrading, will play a decisive role. From the current led electronic screen development trend, the industry in 2019 will be 'ultra hd display' to upsurge, this will be the progress of the technology process of industry, and the expansion of the market have a significant impact, high-definition display time will be a variety of display technology for the future ultra-high resolution shows the commanding heights of the era, no matter what kind of technology can dominate the future relationship between the industry of the future. Shenzhen wei technology development co. , LTD
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