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Two-color LED display wiring installation method What are the advantages of led two-color display?

Two-color LED display wiring installation method What are the advantages of led two-color display?


What are the advantages of led two-color display?

Led two-color display screen is generally composed of two kinds of LED light-emitting diodes, which can form different display screens through different color LEDs. The two primary colors are composed of red, green or yellow-green colors, and the pseudo-color is composed of red and yellow. Green and blue are composed of three different colors.

1. Rich colors: composed of red and green LED lights, the 256-level gray double-color display can display 65,536 kinds (256x256=65536) colors (two-color screen can display red, green and yellow colors);

2, high brightness: the use of ultra-high brightness LED, the distance is still clearly visible;

3, strong reliability: using distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, higher reliability and stability;

4, the effect is good: the use of nonlinear correction technology, the image is more clear, the layering is stronger;

5, display mode diversification: support multiple display modes;

6, easy to operate: the use of universal video playback software, making the system very convenient.

The composition of the led display

The main components of the led display are display unit board, power supply, control card and led strip screen. An important display component of the cell board largely determines the display effect of the display panel, and the core components of the cell board have a LED module, a driver chip and a power board.

As far as the power supply is concerned, we generally use a switching power supply, and we cannot use a transformer to ensure that the precision equipment of the led display can work stably.

As for the control card, I recommend a low-cost bar screen control card, which can control the two-color screen with 256*16 points, which is enough for our daily use.

Finally, we need our accessories and various cables, including the data cable for connecting the unit board and the control board, the transmission line for connecting the computer terminal and the control card, and the connection of the power supply and the control card and the unit board. power cable.

 special reminder: 

1. Since there are many manufacturers of production unit boards and control cards, the product types and specifications are also different. Therefore, when you select the accessories yourself, you must pay attention to whether the interfaces are consistent or compatible, otherwise it will not be directly assembled.

2. The power cord used to connect the power supply to the unit board requires a diameter of at least 1 mm.

3. Sometimes we need to make the data line into a cable. We can use the cable clamp as an auxiliary tool to improve efficiency.

Two-color LED display wiring installation

1. Connect the 220V power cable to the switching power supply correctly. After power-on, measure the voltage with a multimeter to ensure that the range is between 4.5-4.8V.

2. Turn off the power supply, connect “V+” and “V-” with red and black respectively, connect the red line to the control card “+5V”, the unit board VOC, and connect the black line to the control card and power supply GND.

3. Connect the control board and unit board in the correct direction with the cable.

4. Connect the computer to the control card with the data cable and check that all connections are correct.

After checking the connection, you can turn on the power, modify the display content of the display through the computer software, and set the relevant parameters to put the led display into use.

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