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Trapezoidal LED Display

Trapezoidal LED Display


If the led display is a backbone of the display industry, then the led special-shaped display plays a role in the new field of the display industry. With the rising market demand, led display products are applied to different display fields, transforming different shapes.

Recently, various brand displays, shopping malls, opening ceremonies, wedding backgrounds, and even previous Spring Festival Gala have used a large number of special-shaped displays as sets, and their colorful lighting effects have become important elements for the scene. In the past, traditional scenes usually used real objects, which was difficult to achieve dynamic realization for lacking vivid and flexible expression methods.

The special-shaped display has brilliant and bright color performance, and can be transformed to cooperate to create a scene effect with strong visual impact and artistic appeal.

Recently, the P2.5 high-refresh hexagonal trapezoidal special-shaped led display was successfully finished. The special-shaped display has its unique advantages in terms of color, brightness, and energy-saving lamps. Atop’s excellent quality and professional service have won the favor and recognition among users.

In recent years, the company has continuously developed and improved, and each change of the special-shaped screen is very representative. At present, the company’s special-shaped led display has three major features: novelty, variety, and customization. Besides, it is pretty convenient to use and install, especially in the occasion of special shape requirements, Atop special-shaped led display shows its convenience and flexibility.

These are exactly the promises that Atop makes to each of our customers: to provide high-quality products, to seriously light up each display, so that customers can enjoy the use of good led displays.

About Atop

As a professional LED Display Manufacturer with over 10 years experience, Atop provides reliable products, comprehensive services and creative solutions.It has been dedicating itself to offering OEM & ODM, as well as one-stop LED display solutions to its customers around the world, including R&D, assembly, sale and technology support. Since establishment, our team has been continuously innovating. Our Rental LED Display,LED Poster, Stage LED Screen, Flexible LED Display,Transparent LED Display, Church LED Wall, Concert LED Screen, LED Drape Screen, Nationstar LED Screen, LED Display Ball, Stadium LED Screens have the most advanced technology and forward-looking design in the present market.

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