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Transparent full-color LED display development prospects

by:Atop     2020-06-10
In the past two years, full-color LED display market demand as a whole, industry price war, channel war intensified, capital, increased the full-color LED display of fierce competition between enterprises. Many enterprises constantly adjust strategies to actively cope with the current market environment, through a certain segment of the market segments to highlight their brand advantage, do the real "man without I have, people have me fine", looking for new way out. Applications in full-color LED display terminal product innovation in the field, transparent full-color LED display with its brand-new visual experience and application experience, the display mode, the appearance of the thin design, high-end atmospheric science and technology, in which occupies a place. As a creative full-color LED display market segment, transparent full-color LED display not only enriched the screen display mode and type of products, also for the development of the advertising media market brought infinite business opportunities. As early as in 2012, the United States market institutions Displaybank published "transparent display technology and the market outlook", the report had been bold prediction by 2025, transparent shows that the market value of about $87. 2 billion. There is no doubt that the LED transparent screen as a rising star in the field of full-color LED display, the prospect of a good. With the continuous development of display technology in our country and improvement of traditional advertising media have more abundant forms, article LED lamp panel, curtain wall, curtain screen panel, the grating panel products arises at the historic moment, lead to the development of advertising industry. Under the circumstances of advertising management is increasingly strict, transparent full-color LED display of the secular filled the blank in the field of LED transparent display, even during the day does not work, also does not any impact on the surrounding environment, at the same time, because it is a kind of indoor new form of advertising communication, so avoid the AD approval process well. Transparent full-color LED display, therefore, people from all walks of life quickly became the industry is new bestow favor on, just enter the market and occupy a pivotal position. At present, the transparent full-color LED display in a transparent "electronic posters" as a new advertising media, has the very good art design experience and the advertisement effect, mainly used in glass curtain wall buildings, shopping malls, hotel and sightseeing elevator, etc all kinds of glass window. Transparent screen not only light, thin, easy to install, and overcome the trouble of ordinary paper posters need to post, replacement, also have no common full-color LED display, heavy, not fully, not beautiful. This new form of advertising is of great significance to attract a large audience, such as applied to the glass curtain wall, in addition to providing the necessary information and services, also can bring the audience a wonderful visual enjoyment and aesthetic experience; Applied to store the glass window, can give customers a new, happy shopping experience; Applied to the sightseeing elevator, can make the passengers when take a ladder to alleviate fatigue, loosen body and mind. In market acceptance of rising at the same time, many transparent full-color LED display has the function of the advanced experience, some still can easily implement loaded, remove and set operation, even to realize remote monitoring and operation, the matching of various use. Therefore, transparent full-color LED display in the advertising media market won everyone's consensus, has received the widespread attention and, become the center of gravity of the advertising screen to future development. For transparent characteristics and application fields of full-color LED display, full-color LED display manufacturer in smell this potential business opportunities for companies, which set foot in the r&d and production of transparent full-color LED display, however, although it is generally for the future development trend of transparent screen, but there are some in the industry showed a certain fears and concerns, transparent full-color LED display customized products on the market at present is more, the quantity is little, the cost is high, the mass production is difficult, how to improve the market acceptance and reflect the market value has become a urgent problem to be solved. How to meet the demand of creative at the same time also can meet the market demand? Obviously, go the way of mass customization production is the inevitable trend. Relative to the low price of the traditional mass production line, full-color LED display of mass customized production of products and services many custom link, has the characteristics of diversification and individuation, make customer can according to the demand custom transparent LED screen products. The move can not only make the enterprise get competitive differentiation, also can make the enterprise keep relatively high profit margins. And mass customization production, LED transparent screen the technical quality of products must be strictly guard a pass. From existing launched on the market, the transparent screen appear a rate has reached 85%, the highest not only guarantee the floor, glass facade, Windows and other lighting structure between the light and Angle of view scope, at the same time has good heat dissipation function, anti-aging performance, and convenient installation and maintenance, completely changed the traditional LED display application limitations in the glass. Although the high permeability rate just happened to be transparent screen's biggest advantage, but to the contrary, the cost to improve permeability rate is point spacing expanded, this will affect its clarity of the picture and display effect. And how to ensure the quality of transparent LED screen under the premise of achieve large-scale production effect, also need more enterprise through the process of practical application and perfect again. Transparent screen as 100% of China's original products, from the current view, launched on the market potential is tremendous, although at present is still in the primary stage of development, but as long as we are ready to products, advancing with The Times, LED the footsteps of transparent screen to open its soil will gradually accelerated, there will be more and more application fields were also discovered.
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