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Transfer technology breakthrough? Micro leds come faster than imagined!

by:Atop     2020-08-02
Since 2014, from the first generation of LCD, to the second generation of OLED, and then to today's Micro LED, display technology market pattern has taken place great changes. For now, companies belong to OLED and QLED, two different camps began to vigorously promote the technology and gradually emerged a large number of excellent products. But, whether it is referred to as 'the next generation display technology of OLED, or in the future will achieve self-luminous QLED, the final purpose is to replace the LCD, become the new king. These two kinds of display technology in fact have a foothold in the high-end products, but they also are faced with the threat of new challenger Micro LED. As is known to all, Micro LED really has very good advantage, is a natural display panel material, but its still exist yet yield, LED the density is too large, complex components and so on. Therefore, for the commercialization of Micro LED road, the personage inside course of study is generally believed that 'premature'. However, it is worth mentioning that samsung has announced that The 146 inches at CES MicroLED television 'The Wall' will be on sale in August. By samsung in CES 146 inches of Micro LED display equipment, Micro LED to seem to be much earlier than we expected. In fact, the Micro LED mainly by the traditional LED crystal film using a miniature process technology of miniaturized, array, thin films, and then through huge amount transfer technology will crystal film mass transfer to the circuit boards, using physical deposition manufacturing protective layer, finally complete the encapsulation. Therefore, the key core technology mainly has two steps: a miniature process technology and huge amount transfer technology. Previously, because these two key core technology is not well solved, lead to Micro LED production process was off again and again. In order to solve the technology bottleneck, like wafer photoelectric photoelectric, three Ann, such as dry as the photoelectric LED enterprises to invest a lot of resources to research and development research. Major news recently, the Micro LED technology, huge amounts of transfer technology breakthrough. It is reported, in Oxfordshire MicroLED optical experts Optovate Ltd. Announced that they have developed a MicroLED technology, the technology will simply step more than MicroLED from wafer is parallel to the substrate, precision optical array. It is understood that Optovate in its Micro LED the two major breakthrough. First of all, it has developed a unique Micro LED transfer technology, Micro leds can be extracted from the wafer back to used for display and lighting. This method can be extended to large size substrate for Micro LED application provides a economic and efficient way. Second, Optovate has also developed a method of production and integration of precision optical array, the array will each Micro LED light refraction and reflection together, is applied to a variety of display, LCD backlight and solid-state lighting with controlled lighting and ultra-thin, low thickness and other significant advantages. Both the Micro LED transfer and micro-optics element light control of innovation can be used in conjunction with other methods, can be used alone. Optovate technology breakthrough or accelerate Micro LED the production and commercialization process, the patent technology is likely to break the display screen and LED lighting up the value chain. This article from: lighting headlines LED China net
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