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by:Atop     2020-06-12

The 12th Shanghai international LED show On September 19, 2016 in Shanghai new international expo center grand launch. Atop the Led Opto Electronic with carbon fiber body P3. 9, a new generation of die-casting aluminum box P2 before maintenance. 8, indoor, indoor full-color stealth advertising machine screen P15. 6 products such as good appearance. During the exhibition, network (projection era PJtime。 com) Went up (to Atop the Led Opto Electronic general manager Hereinafter referred to as Chen) Conducted an exclusive interview, ask him to current and future of the LED display industry and industry colleagues to share wonderful views. "Rather than to steal the cake, do your own a piece of cake" - — In recent years, small spacing has almost become the LED show in the only leading role, while the regent with the attitude of "come" to conventional products as the theme, the idea of "non-mainstream" became the biggest question in our heart. Aiming at this problem, his total points out, and for small spacing LED display, the higher the resolution, research and development and manufacture of the more difficult, and blindly pursue the decrease of the pixel pitch does not conform to the market rule. Years ago in the television field, SONY has due to pursue the perfection of color out of the market demand. Not only that, the current small spacing market to some extent, there is a "stunt" marketing components, part of the user's purchasing behavior is irrational. Hong hui as the "others" in the field of small spacing, know the limit of the pure pursuit of technical is not his own strength, is not conform to the target user's real requirement. For company pragmatic business philosophy, as well as considering the company's long-term development, the regent believe that all the energy into it, and do little blindly, blindly to PK, with the same kind products for the hong hui is irrational, is irresponsible to the user. The thread of the future company hopes to continue along the LED steadily forward, hong hui will therefore focus on the development of niche. Chen thinks that LED the advantage of its brightness and stability, don't have to do little blindly. And indoor advertising machine already have certain requirements for spacing, also the brightness, stability, and has a high commercial value, so the small distance between the LED more than any other carrier can meet the demand of the application of this field. And in the future it should be relatively small spacing, also is the current spacing smaller, such as the current do 1. 6 is sufficient. While the hong hui in the perspective of customers, more on the LED screen real application in various fields. Such as the six products are on display at the hong hui, highly commercial value. As crystal series appear a screen, can be normal use during the day, and do not affect daylighting, even close also can be used as a kind of adornment, can meet the demand of widespread application. Pursuit such large area, big scene shocked visual effects for the application to the small spacing is not necessary to go on, large area + small spacing will only increase the technical difficulty of the enterprise, and its own risk on to the customer, at the same time also can considerably increase maintenance costs. Hong hui to this kind of product positioning, therefore, pay more attention to the structure of product design and quality of the lamp, strive to products, easy operational stability. Another article series screen - Kingstrip, in line with the current close distance between China's urban construction, the huge inconvenience construction of national conditions, and shall not affect the user daylighting, this will be the development trend of future advertising screen, are virtually broadens the application field of LED screen. Company is with a deep exploration on the application of the segmentation to dig themselves in the LED display market share. Rather than go to steal the cake, do your own a piece of cake, this is the idea of hong hui. need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.

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