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To display OLED's third largest car market OLED will challenge the car?

by:Atop     2020-08-21
Recently, there are people who have car Benz 2020 first half of the E - Class models, plans to carry Korea's LG Display factory ( LGD) The production of automotive OLED panel. Obviously, after took the television and mobile, OLED technology and aimed at the car market at this time. In recent years, more and more high-end models carry out OLED display panel, including dashboards, tail lights, car display screen, etc. Previously, audi, BMW and Mercedes in its high-end models adopted OLED lights, the effect is also very cool. And the mercedes-benz will be introduced in the first half of 2020 not only part of the E model, take the lead in using the flexible OLED display, also plans to several models in the dashboard and the back seat with OLED display on the screen. According to introduction, the OLED screen will also have the dashboard and the function of the central display. In fact, the current vehicle display is becoming the third medium size panel after phone, the tablet market, the smart car era, driving the car show market spurt of growth. UBI Research also predicted, OLED display cars will be growing at an extremely rapid rate, 2018 - 2022 compound annual growth rate of 497%. By 2022, OLED will account for auto display market 10% market share, market size will be from $4 million to 50. 2. 3 billion dollars, and automotive OLED sales will account for 20% of total sales of OLED. Is expected to become a smart car standard today, with the development of electric vehicles and intelligent cars, people for visual driving experience, automobile comfort requirements are constantly improve, car audio, navigation, information demand, and development trend of on-board display is turned to large size, touch instead of buttons, intelligent interaction as well as the more abundant information and so on. In addition, the display panel will become more and more widely used in the car, in addition to the instrument panel, instrument panel, the rearview mirror and other emerging applications grow more quickly, and began to present a bigger development trend. But a bigger screen, create a problem of reflections and glare. The emergence of OLED, not only the car display images become more clear, also to better safeguard the security, at the same time in the dust and seismic on issues such as the effect is better. OLED has, in fact, the spontaneous light feature, true color, zero delay, infinite contrast, features such as simple structure, flexible display, make it widely used not only on the big screen, also makes it the most likely to replace the LCD car display panel. Agitation vehicle OLED panel mounting at present, the car just to show the market is rising, which further drive the car according to the market development and growth, and that for many of the world's panel manufacturers is undoubtedly a good news. As a result, many panel makers are currently grasp layout, hope the priority into the supply chain of automobile manufacturers. The LGD is now with Toyota, Volkswagen, general supply agreement signed the OLED; Toyota group, also in the near future yen 50 billion backed JOLED; The semiconductor/liquid crystal manufacturing equipment company Screen Holdings are also actively rob into automotive OLED panel manufacturing equipment market. Domestic light has created restricting technology industrialization of science and technology of the next year, the key technologies and strategic cooperation with a number of well-known domestic manufacturers. It is reported, after more than ten years of development, following the light of science and technology system, not only mastered the OLED materials, components, process and key technologies, such as drivers, the development of 20 kinds of products, and applied to the automotive lighting display field. And with the new energy vehicles with the support of national policy, local rise of the Internet car companies as well as traditional car companies entering the smart cars, electric car industry chain will be an unprecedented development, it also means that car according to the development of the market will have more space. This article from: news portal
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