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Three, HuaCan profit is good but the LED grain industry into a tailspin

by:Atop     2020-09-14
Continues to expand at mainland LED grain factory production capacity, supply exceeds demand in 2018 LED industry problems become the focus, despite the recent LED prices leveled off fall, but make the industry more alarming is the second season is over half of the global LED market is still hope to look forward to hearing from ChunYan, long than the single terminal customers, forcing the LED market is stirring a new wave of price pressure, if the third season season remains anemic, LED grain production could be imminent, it would be difficult to avoid price broken plate of the crisis, the industry hasn't waiting to see who will lead the production or bargain. For integral LED the market demand, product application still have differences, among them, the LED display screen and the needs of the visible light is relatively stable, but blue LED cargo is weak, from more than one LED factory April revenue decline can see clue, LED the market is different from the normal scene from march back to the temperature, LED the market rebound slow in 2018, season 2 LED demand will not optimistic. LED industry, according to north American LED terminal market sales performance than expected, 3 ~ 4 month once cut down a single face customers, as the next wave of selling season will fall in Europe and the United States at the end of the year before the holiday, the third quarter is expected to pull the emergence of a new wave of cargo demand. Although the industry for the third quarter season still are looking back to the temperature, but another nots allow to ignore the warnings, from LED grain factory high inventory levels. Mainland LED grain factory three Ann, HuaCan earnings are not common, but in the first quarter inventories rising quickly, three revenue for 1 RMB 19. 4. 5 billion yuan, the amount of inventory at 22. 2. 5 billion yuan, compared to the same period in 2017, only 10 inventory amount. 5. 7 billion yuan, in 2017 and about 1. 8 billion yuan, for the fourth season three Ann in one quarter within the inventory of more than 400 million yuan. HuaCan photoelectric also present quarter by quarter inventory amount of the mat is high, the first quarter of 2018 on revenue of RMB 7. 100 million yuan, but the inventory amount of 7. 8. 9 billion yuan, higher than the previous season 6. 8. 5 billion yuan, also compared with the same period in 2017 5. 0. 6 billion yuan will show up. As for the crystal has a similar situation, although still maintain earnings in the first quarter, but quarterly revenue nt $51. 500 million yuan, compared with the same period in 2017 by around 10%, and the inventory amount is 54. Since the 2. 2 billion yuan, in 2016 in the first three months of inventory record. To China LED grain factory new capacity sharply, end demand failed to synchronize fast growth, LED industry, 'admits the possibility of a price every day, know LED grain industry has entered the oversupply situation, under the mentality of the expected price, customers are not willing to provide a long list, order visibility only about one month. LED industry believes that the LED inventory if more than 6 months, sure to reassure inventory 20 ~ 30%, manufacturers must carefully control the inventory level, through inventory to delay the market price trend, manufacturers have to sit through more profits, upstream and downstream industry into the seesaw battle, then power will appear sharply in the second half of the year. From the point of 2018 upper situation, on both sides of the LED grain companies don't seem to tend to bargain competition strategy, after all, 2017 fourth quarter price quickly, has LED other counterparts to follow up the price, not only will not help themselves, for ascension, more lead to industry order in chaos. LED grain price collapse is disturbed, but if you can like 2015 announced LED grain factory production, it will drive the LED price gained momentum, in the face of the plight of oversupply, rational control upstream grain output, while grain rate lowered production costs and improve, but may be returned to the supply and demand balance solution. For LED crystal factory, whether the price or output is the test of the dilemma, season 3 peak season demand can smoothly to inventory remains to be seen, or the fourth quarter season again into the industry, coupled with a new batch of mainland companies to import again the machine production, LED prices below their cash costs of the warring states period, will come again. In addition, in 2018 the global economic situation also add variables, including the United States has not been long on mainland offering 301 clause, leds, though not listed in the cutting list, but the LED backlit display panels are in the list, the terminal customers to avoid cut risks, gradually adjust the supply of preparatory plan, and lead to the market strong wait-and-see mood, joint impact machine factory shipment schedule. Recent us-china trade negotiations towards a positive development, a bit of relief to supply nervous atmosphere, TV, new also is expected to smooth shipment, but for terminal brand companies, how to disperse the upstream production and supply to other area will become the future considerations. This article from: DIGITIMES search LED
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