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Three Ann photoelectric 2 to 800 million to buy back shares, bdo embellish of the personnel change

by:Atop     2020-09-14
Late September 17, three Ann photoelectric announced that the company intends to buy back shares, repurchase of no less than 200 million yuan ( ) And not more than 800 million yuan ( ) 。 In the share buyback price no more than 18. 00 yuan/shares, according to the repurchase price ceiling is calculated, it should be no less than 44. 45 million shares, expected to repurchase shares accounted for about 1 company has issued the total equity. 0899%, to lower estimates for the amount of repurchase, the number is expected to repurchase shares not less than 11. 12 million shares, accounting for about company has issued the total equity of 0. 2727%, the number of specific to buy back shares to buy back upon the actual number of the repurchase of shares shall prevail. Repurchases from the shareholders' general meeting examined and approved within 2 months as of the date of the buyback plan. Three photoelectric, said Ann based on confidence in the company's future development prospect and fundamental value judgment, companies considering the recent share price performance, combined with the company's business, financial condition and prospects for future development, effectively safeguarding the shareholders' interests, enhance investor confidence, employee morale, promote the long-term development of companies, the company in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the company's articles of association rules, through its own capital or share repurchase self-raised funds. The repurchase shares plan for company employee stock ownership plan or equity incentive plan, if the company fails to implement employee stock ownership plan or equity incentive plan, the company will to repurchase shares in accordance with the law shall be cancelled. Specific authorization of the board of directors according to relevant laws and regulations decided to implement way. Bdo, deputy general manager, the board secretary resigned on the same day evening, bdo, announced that the board of directors in recently to the deputy general manager, the board secretary Mr Deng fei's written resignation report, Mr Deng fei due to personal reasons to resign from the company deputy general manager, the board secretary position. According to related regulations, the resignation of Mr Deng fei since served shall take effect as of the date of the board of directors of the company. Mr Deng fei will don't any position in the company after resignation. In order to guarantee normal work by the board of directors, before the appointment of the new board secretary, temporarily by the company chairman wang dong Monsieur on behalf of the board secretary duties. About three Ann photoelectric photoelectric co. , LTD. Is located in the beautiful Ann sagishima xiamen, founded in November 2000, full color is the current domestic industrialization of ultra-high brightness LED epitaxy and chip production base. Is the National Development and Reform Commission approved the 'national high-tech industrialization demonstration project', the state Ministry of Science and Technology and accredited by the ministry of information industry leading enterprises, '' semiconductor lighting project, aerospace aviation confirmed' strategic partnership '. Company is mainly engaged in all color is high brightness LED epitaxial wafer, chip, compound solar cells, the PIN photoelectric detector chip such as research and development, production and sales, product performance indicators in the international advanced level. Company to build with independent intellectual property rights of national high-tech enterprises, to create the international first-class enterprise as the vision. Have a level 1000 to level 10000 modern clean workshop, more than thousand Set) At home and abroad the most advanced LED epitaxial growth and chip manufacturing equipment, three Ann period already finished in tianjin, the total number of MOCVD will reach more than 100 units, the scale for the domestic first place, the top 10. The implemented with an annual output of 650000 pieces of epitaxial wafer, chip 20 billion grain production. About bdo embellish of Elec - Tech International Co. , Ltd. ( Bdo embellish da) In May 1996, was founded in zhuhai, listed on the shenzhen stock exchange in 2004, Stock code: 002005) , is a small home appliance, LED as well as related business and new energy group. Bdo wholly owned and holding companies, currently has more than 10, 2008 sales of more than 2. 6 billion yuan, the total number of employees nearly 10000 people, the main business including LED chips, LED epitaxial wafer, LED lighting, LED display, LED packaging, LED equipment and kitchen small home appliance manufacturing and services. Bdo, for many years was named 'hundred private enterprises in guangdong province', 'high-tech enterprises in guangdong province', 'zhuhai top ten private enterprises', etc. , is the largest in zhuhai private joint-stock enterprises. LEDinside
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