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This is the episode in 2017 led display?

by:Atop     2020-06-02
Outdoor small spacing as outdoor LED product upgrades and perfect, small spacing also unceasingly subdivision outdoor applications. The LED is not merely a dazzling decorations hanging outside the building wall, the application of more and more small, close to enter the public view. Small spacing due to the pixel density is higher in cell size, more and more been used in outdoors at close range, small area of the project, the picture is exquisite, can close to watch the use demand. Applies to close range application, at the information booth/newsagent, bus station, chain shops selling luxury, community information, broadcast, outdoor advertising, advertising light pole, shops, signage, gas stations and other segment prefer the small spacing products. Especially in recent years, pedestrian street, commercial plaza in the city gradually increased, a large number of domestic and international famous brands and luxury goods more and more settled in the malls. Play the brand information on the LED is becoming more and more popular, small spacing LED a closer look at the perfect display effect, very suitable for installation in the shop window or on the street. Meanwhile, with the increasing maturity of the outdoor LED display technology of small spacing, outdoor and half outdoor digital sign the market will be outdoor small spacing LED display application potential of the market. Outdoor digital signage market demand structure change size, large size is preferred. Complex outdoor environment puts forward higher requirements on the original display terminal, among them, the "highlights", "high protection", "tolerance" is the first premise. But at this level, the small distance between the LED has the absolute advantage of natural alternatives to traditional LCD digital signage. Article LED lights the screen in recent years, more and more urban landscape lighting from pure functional lighting development to the display of aesthetic meaning, we can see many LED large screen has been building in the city's most bustling landmarks. If the traditional LED display, heavy big box structure is like a black wall, will seriously affect the look and feel of the facade effect, cannot meet these landmarks the appearance of various creative presentation requirements. And the LED screen miniaturization, modularization, the characteristics of flexible installation, like a thin layer of transparent silk hanging on the architectural appearance, has LED to the landmark building perfect unity. According to understand, LED curtain wall is composed of numerous large gap article lamp panel, mainly use benchmarking the whole surface of the building in the center of the city walls and roof, down a project order. For advertising operators, large LED screen area can lead to higher advertising revenue, because advertisers tend to put in the area of greater media. As the industry of article LED lights the screen of the innovation, the emergence of hollow out design, greatly improves the permeability of article lamp screen and perspective. Watch comes to the ideal distance to watch, according to the picture is suspended on the glass curtain wall, as transparent. In fully rate has been able to reach the installation of glass curtain wall, as the stability of the products and prices can compete with traditional LED display, LED lights article screen will usher in a more huge market. Transparent LED screen with outdoor advertising LED display flood is a series of negative problems, including the city's image problem. Because of the problems existing in the outdoor advertising LED display, in recent years, outdoor screen installation also becomes more and more complicated, for examination and approval of outdoor advertising management is more and more strict. And transparent the emergence of LED display, not only integrates the conventional outdoor all the advantages of high definition LED display, and maximize the eliminates the city beautiful. Because it is installed behind the glass curtain wall, more even when not working during the day, also won't be any impact on the surrounding environment. At the same time, because it is a new form of the spread of indoor and outdoor advertising, so it is good to avoid the examination and approval of outdoor advertising. In addition, with the quickening pace of urban construction, glass curtain wall the high-end atmosphere also began to gradually become popular grade of building materials, with its thin transparent screen, without steel structure, easy installation and maintenance, appear a good performance characteristics, and the glass curtain wall is hit it off, used in glass curtain wall is not only no acosmia feeling, but also because of its fashion, beautiful, contemporary breath, and science and technology, to the city buildings more added a special aesthetic feeling. Therefore, transparent LED screen won everyone's consensus in the market, has received the widespread attention and rush. Light pole LED display as main carrier of the LED display, outdoor advertising business in people's mind is always display the image appears, with the popularity of intelligent lighting application, makes the display area of small light pole LED display in a wide range of city road system unfolding. Light pole LED display mainly aimed at the current street light pole, pedestrian street light pole, community and other general advertising light boxes to replace. Presents a wide range of large number of applications, display advertising carrier, forming a great scale and compared with the traditional advertisements from a huge advantage. Light pole and LED display with the aid of network communication, can have a similar dynamic TV advertising function, and because a huge number, can divide sections show different advertising at the same time, in addition, with mature glasses-free 3 d technology, the application in the screen, light pole will give people present a more vivid display screen, so that the advertising performance is more vivid. In the field of application of LED display, LED display and typical applications in other areas of technology, in the current wisdom city construction process, based on the huge market demand traffic light field, the emergence of the emerging light pole screen will trigger a new niche market, LED display LED lighting panel is becoming important force power of wisdom urban construction. Article door head full color LED screen in the outdoor media advertising LED screen market, full color LED display screen has become the market mainstream products, but in the article represented by screen door head LED screen market, is still the status quo of single and double color products. But with advances in full color and reduced the cost, the door of the last line of defence as single and double color products first screen market, will soon be breached by full-color LED display. Article door head full-color LED screen to the action of a good bright colors, like outdoor full-color LED advertising screen, can play multiple formats, can display seven kinds of color of text and video, at the same time can also add on display video images you want to display text, can attract people's attention, can be used as a store the latest advertising information carrier. As the LED display is accepted as a new media form, full-color LED big screen door, the price is accepted by everyone, the standardization of LED accessories and the speeding up of commercialization, will greatly promote the popularity of full-color LED big screen door.
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