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The traditional 'golden nine silver ten' season in the end, the LED display industry sales peak was not coming?

by:Atop     2020-08-21
Automobil LED screen net reported on October 29, this year, the traditional 'golden nine silver ten' season have asymptotic end, LED display industry sales peak is still not coming, let many LED people sigh 'golden nine silver ten' magical law no longer. LED display business has become more and more difficult, so in the vagaries of 2018 years, has experienced what LED people? Rising raw material prices increasing cost pressure this year, LED the upstream raw material market rise again, starting in July, including ohm power electronics, built deep group, the industry's big PCB companies have issued price, price increases are 20% 30%. Before that, electronic components, including resistance capacitance has successively increases, which makes most of the downstream LED enterprises face more severe situation. Upstream raw material prices, rising purchasing cost, this will no doubt be downstream of the LED screen manufacturers to bring the cost of a certain pressure. To alleviate the pressure, the industry headed by Elijah, part of the leading LED pricing companies issued notice, to a certain degree of rising prices. But throughout the whole LED display industry, comprehensive competition is weak, no economic power as a support the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and for these enterprises, the substantial rise in the prices of raw materials rise in price and some leading enterprises make them confused about what to do. In the grand scheme, many LED display industry leading enterprises in order to bring customers high quality products and services, in the face of the cost of pressure they choose internal digestion, relying on the optimization of enterprise internal production process, reduce the number of workers, reducing production cost. This for small and medium enterprises without sufficient economic turnaround is start. Facing the most don't rise in price of leading enterprises, take the advantage of small and medium enterprises as the price in order not to lose the original market share, not only for prices to rise, while the compression product profit space. In the process, gradually accelerated the process of the industry reshuffle, those who have not economic competitive power of enterprises to be being washed out gradually, also can leave 'hit swollen face fat', trying to seek a way out. Original sino-us trade growing international economic situation nervous since July 2018, the sino-us trade war is ablaze, has been in the past for more than three months, and there is growing trend, the United States of imposing a 25% tariff the $50 billion of goods imported from China, last month and imposing a 10% tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, if China continues to take countermeasures, the United States will come back to the $267 billion China imports tariffs, this is almost equal to all of China's imports of imposing a tariff. Such waves under the fierce collision, the LED display industry will also be affected. To flourish in recent years, with domestic LED display, LED screen to add enterprise facing the survival pressure gradually, appeared many LED screen and famous manufacturer looking for overseas. Learn from export data in recent years, the United States is the largest output in China LED display export market, and after the year of sino-us trade war, the overall economic situation, the international environment has become increasingly complex, the government support for the LED industry to reduce many factors such as comprehensive lead to pessimism gradually fermentation industry. Specific performance can be characterized by the listed company's share price since this year, from the beginning of the collective diving state, coupled with the recent U. S. stocks influence caused by the A shares plummeted across, until now almost all leds listed companies has been halved, individual companies have even thigh cut. In order to keep pace with the mainstream market, seize market opportunities, more and more manufacturers and more investment in new technology research and development, hope as soon as possible into the new technology products. Dream is plump, reality some backbone, although COB, MiniLED Micro LED products such as technology continues to get breakthrough, and gradually matured, but for now, they are away from the real market, still has a long way to go. Enterprise long-term investment funds, but no actual feedback, this for some companies would have to be the last straw. In addition, the incubation time is too long, the product is not innovation, always directly inhibit the revolutionary process of the entire industry, also limits the development of the enterprise is more diversified. Though the LED display industry, expanding market share, but also rapidly changing market environment, bring great challenge to many LED display companies. Experience will bring some risks, but also can make the LED screen people stronger, early from all-sides improve themselves, should be in constant change, confidence in the development of the enterprise in the future! Automobil LED screen mesh
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