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The rise of OLED TV panel supply needs to be promoted

by:Atop     2020-08-26
Last week quotation review: last week, the Philadelphia semiconductor index up 4. Electronic index rose 14%, Taiwan 3. 70%, all electronic index rose 0. 97%, all in all sectors, all electronic index price is 22nd. Zhou Shenwan electrons from the subdivision plate, plate up to topics are electronic components manufacturing sector rose by 3. Rose 43%, the electronic system assembly plate 1. Rose 81%, passive components sector 0. 96%. Last week in the electronics sector, there are 115 companies rose, flat 9 companies, 96 companies fell. Seen by larger companies are deep grey A ( + 37. 40%) , tai pu han ( + 33. 11%) , shanshan co ( + 22. 64%) , hi, science and technology ( + 19. 58%) Can, hundred million weft lithium ( + 16. 37%) 。 Industry this week view: consulting group of intelligence, according to the latest figures in the first quarter of 2018 global OLED TV shipments of 510000 units, 127% year-on-year growth. Compared with LCD TV, TV for the application of new generation of OLED display technology has rich colors, high contrast, flexible, thin body, fast response speed and other advantages. But the panel price is very high, so the OLED TV mainly located in the high-end market. Since 2017, the OLED TV industry achieved rapid development, the IHS data shows that the fall in global television shipments, OLED TV shipments from November 2016 to 2017 increased by 130% in November. From the perspective of brand sales in the first quarter of 2018, LG ranked first, SONY and philips respectively a sector, but the overall shipments are on the low side, it is because OLED TV price is higher, the second is because of the present stage of global production is only one LGDisplay OLED TV panel panel makers, and other manufacturers have not high generation OLED production lines, OLED TV panel production capacity is limited. In the future, as the LGDisplay G10. 5 and the G8. 5 production line, production, sales of OLED TV will achieve a bigger improvement. We suggest that from the two angles of electronics industry layout. First, pay attention to the downstream industry demand is big, the growth better segmentation plate, growing demand will become a stable power for promoting the development of the industry, such as plate, optical element, display device has higher growth space. Second, pay attention to the national key support plate segment, such as semiconductor. Key recommendation: A: boe jingdong is founded in 1993, is the world's leading semiconductor display manufacturers. Display devices for the company's main business, companies with strong competitive ability in the sector. 2017 boe, laptop computers, smart phones, tablet computer LCD screen, the first, the highest share in the TV, LCD monitor market share came second in the world. For now, smart phones, tablets, laptops have entered the mature stage, to demand growth faster is LCD TV in the future. Beijing Oriental total has nine TFT - LCD production line, including five high generation line, high production efficiency, and complied with the trend of the development of the large size LCD panel. Boe layout in the field of AMOLED earlier, currently has three flexible AMOLED production line, production line in chengdu has been put into production in October last year. In the future, with the further of AMOLED technology mature, AMOLED permeability in smart phones and TV will continue to improve, boe is expected to also become a leading enterprise in the field. In business intelligence system, 15, 16 and 17 years, the company has through the independent research and development and acquisitions completed the smart car manufacturing, retail and wisdom couplet layout in the field of business. In health services, the company has formed a digital hospital for offline carrier, with mobile health equipment for port, can provide customers with high quality health care services of mobile health management platform and ecosystem. As intelligent manufacturing, connected to the Internet, the rapid development of health service industries such as car, intelligent system and health service enterprise group can provide a good source of profit for the company. This article from: China LED net ZhongCai net
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