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The patent is important means to LED display enterprise reshuffle will?

by:Atop     2020-08-02
At present a lot of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, is on his way from cost competitive to innovative technology, the LED display industry is also faced with the transition, in the construction of globalization on technology, product research and development system, must be the whole industry chain and cooperation, innovation, to better achieve industrial upgrading. In recent years, the industry competition 'patent' of the enterprise faster, apart from the consideration of market competition, 'the patent competition' reflects an important fact: the current LED display manufacturing industry competition has not only the cost, with the continuous r&d, leading enterprises are formed its own patent technology 'moats'. As predicted by some in the industry: in the future, with intellectual property rights as the core of patent lawsuit, will present a blowout new momentum in the industry, and possibly will become the important means of LED display industry reshuffle the years to come. Industrial environment to upgrade, screen companies to speed up the patent layout! In recent years, the industries related to patent infringement, and the rights of news frequently exposed. Because the Internet continue to seek beauty of mitsubishi nitrides of invalid patent, light accused of patent infringement, the auspicious light electricity Seoul semiconductor also positively launch the LED patent battle, shenzhen LED companies accused of patent infringement in the United States, and so on. All these events are in passing a signal, namely the industry both upstream and downstream enterprise application level, for the patent more seriously, in more for patent property rights protection are determined. Last year the industry is to cause a 'patent' heat: leah, lehman, screen autoart and other leading companies with multiple consecutive related patents, for a while, the patent competition strength become a game, contest between domestic enterprises. While, also have the personage inside course of study thinks faucet screen between intellectual property business enterprises, for some small and medium-sized panel companies 'pressure', but it is undeniable that, as China's LED display industry upgrading transformation, optimization of the technology and the further development of the international market, this 'patent competition' trend will be more and more hot. Innovation needs to ascend, patent dispute is inevitable! As is known to all, although our country's market size large LED display industry, in terms of technology and products as the global industry leader, but this does not mean that the development of Chinese LED display industry is rest easy. In the aspects of technology innovation and patent strength, China LED display industry is still the laggards. Take the current industry one of the most popular technology: Micro LED display, on a global scale, China is not the dominant: not only that, samsung has been listed on the plan in Q3 Micro LED TV, and home for the details of Micro LED display product also did not see the sign. So on the whole, the Chinese LED display industry of road way resistance and long, each screen companies still need to continuously break through the bottleneck of technology, product innovation, technologies, products, solutions and innovation as the focus, linkage industry chain upstream and downstream, to strengthen the technical basis for the development of industry, improve industry core competitiveness. At the same time also should pay attention to improve screen of 'patent' soft power, to take advantage in the future market competition. In technology, product upgrading the ever-changing era, LED companies if they don't adhere to independent innovation, and strive for patent umbrella, it is easy to lose its competitive edge, even on the fate of elimination. To know as the LED display industry increasingly fierce competition, the original means of market competition among enterprises gradually 'stretched', at this point, both industry subject, enterprise competitive patent litigation, to a great extent, enriches the competition and rivalry between some giant. Patent competition, therefore, the future is likely to become a panel prices between a 'routine' means of competition, as well as low price, promotional campaigns, brand war, become some screen between competing companies in an effort! This article from: LED display channel
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