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The ninth Beijing international film festival, LED screen breaking ice limited surreal stage

by:Atop     2020-08-20
On the evening of April 13, 2019, the ninth Beijing international film festival in Beijing huairou national figures for China film base grand opening, the opening party for 'home country' emotion, invite Chinese and foreign famous filmmaker, Beijing haocha. Starry stage, nature is little not LED display, it is understood that this activity by the Beijing Olympic Games stage chief designer Han Lixun teacher to design, main stage 270 degrees annulus theater design, majestic atmosphere, sense of science and technology, the stage before the home screen of two layer has used the seven pieces of inferior smooth ice screen, the real movie projector is placed in the audience, make the people have the sense of belonging, home movies make lands main stage more immersive sensory experience. See a lot of friends here should read out, the stage of the Beijing international film festival, once again the familiar 'ice' screen, since the pyeongchang winter games at the closing ceremony of the 'eight minutes in Beijing' let ice screen after a fire, ice screen on the stage in the field of heat seems to have been growing trend, become the stage where 'regulars', ice screen how charm scored the favour of stage designer? Break the conventional screen limited screen rendering surreal stage ice screen as a new type of LED display, so, through the realization of the LED display screen ice principle is what? It looks look out like a high transparent shutter, greatly reduced the structure on the design of its component parts to block line of sight, appear a rate as high as 90% above, maximize the perspective effect, is the highest resolution, perspective effect best display device. Through the LED display screen has novel and unique display effect, the audience stood in the ideal distance to watch, the picture is like floating on the glass, and does not affect the original glass daylighting function. Through the LED ice screen does not cause visual impairment stage, the stage need to it, can be colorful, don't need it, to become invisible. Ice screen of this feature, make it can perfect reduction stage of creative design. LED through ice screen using a common screen skill and the screen is connected fully, three-dimensional lifelike, the ambition of the virtual space, more screen show, make the space image of the movement, the stage effect to enhance the administrative levels sense, movement, will greatly improve the program works, make the LED screen with a picture perfect, and the traditional LED display 2 d function than mural, appear out of the 3 d stereo feeling and true feeling of the space, visual effect, on the vision continuously bring the audience a new audience empathy with, make the stage not only conforms to the traditional aesthetic idea, both in terms of blurring vision to see is true, in a perfect stage. Preemption market opportunities screen companies must first patent layout so far, domestic related patent applications submitted to 223, mainly relates to improve through screen appear a gender, Such as reduce the width of the article lamp, change the way of the installation of the light source) Stability, enhanced through screen ( Such as butt welding process improvement, speed up the cooling of the screen, improve the waterproof performance of the display) , spell of simplified through screen and installing, provide flexible transparent screen, extend through the application of screen mode. In terms of application type, is an application for a patent for utility model patent applications the most. That LED industry upgrading technology faster, so companies tend to submit an application for a patent for utility model authorized faster. It is important to note that in addition to the LED display company, there are many interdisciplinary also working to fully display the development of company. Google in March 2016 to submit an application for a patent for 1 piece, the application in micro LED screen, the miniature LED screen can be set up in such as glasses wearable devices. Miniature LED screen can also be in through conversion between model and opaque, to present AR or VR effect. As the saying goes, 'he lives unsafely that looks too near on things', this sentence also apply for the enterprise. At present, the LED through the application of the screen is not universal access, through number display screen production companies within the industry is relatively small, with transparent screen related patents are much rarer. And fully LED screen market prospect is very considerable, there is show organization predicts that by 2025 the market value of about $87. 2 billion, there will be more and more companies involved. So in the field of related companies, must be away for a rainy day, and in combination with its own strength, from the trend of the development of the technology in the future to find a proper breakthrough point, in advance on research and development strength, and carries on the protection of intellectual property rights to the research and development as soon as possible, do '' products, patents, in order to win the advantage in the fierce competition. 'Ice screen' in the field of stage stage and even more wonderful appearance, on the other areas to more insiders see LED through ice screen unique advantage to bring the wonderful show, and broad market prospect, but because of many enterprises for the LED industry through ice screen of the research and development, making this part of the market has not imagined explosive growth. But this also therefore bring screen are inspired, to scramble through show the ten billion big market, must be paid attention to the scientific and technological innovation and r&d of transparent display. Although at this stage LED through ice screen display technology has still not be cause the attention of everyone, but believe in the near future, when the LED display technology has been further ascension, ice screen can conquer the LED, in a wide area. Automobil LED screen mesh
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