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The Ministry of Commerce: China's enterprises in the LED display unit 337 investigation of victory

by:Atop     2020-08-24
The optical network of China on February 26, according to the Ministry of Commerce, according to official news a few days ago the us international trade commission ( ITC) LED display unit and its components 337 investigation to make a final, agree to the applicant dropped, terminate the investigation procedure. Our country enterprise in LED display unit 337 investigation in response to a victory. ( Source: Ministry of Commerce website) On May 31, 2018, should be the super visual technology ( Ultravison技术) Co. , LTD. , to apply for, the ITC to launch 337 investigations LED display unit and its components, the state science and technology, Abby's, ao tuo electronics, 11 Chinese companies such as lehman photoelectric is the applicant for the column. The applicant for patent infringement charges involved enterprises, request the ITC issuing common rule out orders and injunctions. If the case against unfavorable, all involved in our country LED display unit products may be out of the us market. After the case filing, LED display unit industry together, forming resultant force, jointly cope with, and at the first time an attorney for legal defense. Due to my business strategy properly, in a case that the applicant to the ITC November 27, 2018, 337 case a motion is proposed. On January 31, 2019, the ITC administrative law judge preliminary approval for the withdrawal of the suit. On February 21st, ITC final announcement, announced that does not carry on the administrative law judge preliminary judge, terminate the investigation. Survey of about 337, 337, it is to point to the United States international trade commission ( 美国国际贸易委员会,简称于 According to the '1930 year tax law ( 1930年关税法案》) Section 337 ( Hereinafter referred to as 'section 337') Survey and the related amendment, is banned all ACTS of unfair competition and export to the United States or in any unfair trade practices. This unfair behavior refers to the specific: product or unfair in the form of unfair competition behavior to enter the United States, or the ownership of the products, importers, agents, in the form of unfair sales of the products on the market, in the United States to the United States and related industries caused material injury or threat of injury, or hinder the establishment of the relevant industries in the United States, or to suppress and manipulation of the American business and trade, or a violation of legal and valid U. S. trademark and patent, or infringement of the layout-design, integrated circuit chips or violated U. S. law protect the right of the other design, and the United States exist in the related industry or related industry is setting up. 337 investigation object for imported products infringe the intellectual property rights behavior and other unfair competition in import trade. The optical network of China
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