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The Mini/Micro LED went well, but how to reduce costs is a big problem

by:Atop     2020-09-01
Entered since 2018, Micro/Mini LED production process accelerating, let LED backlighting and display industry is 'exciting'. But, in the Micro/Mini LED the voice of the fall to the ground in the ears, 'cost' concerns about this new product is also popular. Micro/Mini LED manufacturers to accelerate the aggregate industry layout from the core of technological innovation process, Micro/Mini LED mass market can meet deadlines, not depends on the selection of terminal application vendors, but should be determined by the upstream packaging enterprise 'for final decision. Thus, encapsulation link of Micro/Mini LED into, is the key of the Micro/Mini LED products fall to the ground. Doing photoelectric photoelectric in investor relations activities on March 1, said, has set up a year of dry future display institute, mainly in the study of Mini LED display screen and Mini LED backlight, Micro LED display, deliver layout has been done. Predict the end of the year there will be a Mini TV or mobile phone backlight application, but the specific volume may be in a year. At the same time, dry are bullish on the application of large size and the car market. HuaCan photoelectric packaging companies, domestic HuaCan also said in the backlight application Mini blue chips to show the application of the Mini - RGB chip has launched a mature products, and led the development of part of the product size. The large-scale commercial will in accordance with the terminal product launch as well as the promotion of the market. Trillion chi stock trillion chi also on investor relations activities in the middle of January, said more than 80 inches is it possible to use the Mini LED TV and Micro LED, can do the Mini LED the company's existing equipment. Company timely track and grasp the industry development trends and the advanced technology, has good technical reserves, have a certain market foundation. 400000 yuan, 400000 yuan) That raised will allocate SMD LED encapsulation expansion project, the Mini LED packaging production projects, the Micro LED technology r&d center project as well as the added liquidity. Among them, the SMD LED encapsulation expansion project construction period is 12 months, all reaches producing scale for yearly produces 17. 8 billion only SMD LED packaging products. Mini LED packaging production project construction period is 12 months, all reaches producing scale of annual output of 11. 8 million pieces of Mini LED packaging products. Micro LED technology research and development center of project construction for the same total of 12 months. Crystal electric crystal electric, said has taken the lead in put the Mini LED technology development, cell phone, television, and high order laptop display backlighting as the main potential applications, such as the second half of the year is expected to launch application technology solutions. Fan4 jin4 harmony of its business and marketing vice President, said the Mini LED the application of the general, at present a lot of talking about the case, a conservative estimate is expected to mass production before the end of the year. Light in the upstream manufacturers, light is the Mini LED iron powder. Light will launch this year miniLED e-sports, motor and all kinds of thin, wrap series, as well as the straight down type TV used CSP leds, and mobile products that meet the full screen design, bring light operating the kinetic energy of growth. The operations of light chairman Ye Yinfu bullish on light this year. However, new products of mini LED's capacity is still expected to have to wait until the third quarter. Three samsung in hand on the Mini LED the most heartening news is that samsung spending nearly $17 million of the advance payment and purchased from three Ann photoelectric Micro LED panel, the two sides signed three years contract, the next three Ann will be the exclusive supplier of samsung. At the end of 2017 three Ann ordered 150 organic chemical vapor deposition ( 金属 Equipment, plus the mainland area of industrial policy support, is expected to three on photoelectric in LED wafer scale, production capacity and comparative cost advantage. Workers being in terminal, Taiwan industry institute, is setting up a Micro LED trial production line, the fastest in 2018 third quarter will have a product can be handed over to VR. Samsung's COB LED display technology, small spacing in August 2018 to the market, at the same time, LG is believed to also will launch the corresponding products. SONY has had launched similar products as early as in 2016. To sum up, aggregate manufacturers have been implemented in the Micro/Mini LED full reserve of 'technical', 'sample preferable' at any time, at the same time 'in the future capacity investment have enough security'. But, look from the terminal, the specific application of the ground is still in the state of 'will', are still ready to more than 2018 applications. In the industry think Micro/Mini LED can 'see' in the second half of this year, but after '2019' on the scale required. Cost pressures have been proposed, SMD/SMT still has advantages as pioneer of micro LED display, the Mini LED market ground hot ( Comparison, Micro LED is still need further overcome huge amount transfer technology bottleneck) 。 Its target market includes the back light and display system. From the back light industry first bullish on its applications in cell phones and other products. For three reasons: 1, although the OLED competitive pressure is very big, but the supply capacity is insufficient, LCD high-end machine market still have a chance. 2, mobile phone screen products more than 20 year market size is big enough, the cutting part, is sufficient to achieve the survival of the Mini LED. 3, mobile phone 5 - 7 'screen, Mini LED the difficulty smaller, more feasibility. For the backlight of liquid crystal TV market, the market expectations for the Mini LED is still conservative. Because, LCD products are more sensitive to low prices, much less sensitive to the thickness of the mobile phone market. The Mini LED can only aim at the ultra high-end LCD TV. The competition of the latter and OLED overlaps is bigger, and the size of the market is limited. At the same time, in the big size LCD TV on the application of the Mini LED technical difficulty is also higher.

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