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The Mini/Micro LED technology integration rapid development speed to be brand companies

by:Atop     2020-09-01
Mini LED and Micro LED display industry has brought a new opportunity, because better display effect, is advantageous to the TFT LCD or new type competition with OLED display technology. However, the Mini LED application is still limited in high order market, has not yet universal, and the Micro LED and technical bottleneck to overcome. Main reason is the advanced technology from research to application and many details need to be adjusted, need to be after import brand companies to accelerate the integration. By far the most to influence the brand of the industry development trends, the first apple ( 苹果) , samsung, 三星) LG, LG, as well as China's rapid emergence of huawei and so on. Although apple LED suppliers is the day the plot of the manufacturer is given priority to, the samsung LED in recent years many orders to three photoelectric and LG LED for the most part entrust China manufacturers, relative to the Chinese mainland factory is actively fostering brand suppliers, as a whole, brand companies LED supply trend seems to have a binding. However, due to the Mini LED/Micro LED is still very new technology, and Taiwan region of the display and LED industry development for decades, and foundation was very strong, at the beginning of the new technology to send production has the first mover advantage, therefore the present stage to break into the brand companies supply, not no chance at all. Gaiden apple is likely in the second half of 2019 from the iMAC began to import Mini LED backlight design. Although early Mini still is the main supplier of LED, but planning in the fourth quarter of 2020 to the first half of 2021 will launch the new dimensions of the device and the MacBook, if the expansion of the Mini LED backlight technology, the Taiwan LED faucet crystal electricity supply may have a chance to break into the apple. Crystal electric, founded in 1996, is the world's one of the largest LED epitaxy and LED chip suppliers. Company since the second half of 2018, a small supply of Mini LED, including available in a large display screen of red, green, blue RGB LED Mini e-sports displays, mobile phones, cars and Mini LED. For Mini LED and Micro LED the future development, but also the other 100% shareholding subsidiary candidates. if your new technology responsible for the relevant business, and the strategies of the downstream packaging and module to partner flourishing day science and technology, positive steps. It is worth noting that if apple consider using Japanese manufacturers outside of the LED supplier, in addition to crystal electricity, in fact there are other manufacturers in Taiwan in the Mini LED and Micro LED does not have advantage, such as hon hai. Hon hai group not only solid foundation in the field of electronic assembly downstream, in recent years also successfully integrates LED encapsulation and epitaxial/chip, as well as the panel supply. Whether it is a Mini or Micro LED backlight or active LED display development, requires highly integrated LED and TFT panel/backplane technology, what's more, hon hai is apple and main system assembly plant with many brand companies. Set consulting research associate store in thought, the long run, the Mini LED or Micro LED these new technologies require continuous diligence and reduce the cost, is there a way to enter the mainstream consumer market. If only focus on high-level application products, shipments, less costs come down. But now the difficult point is the need to fine-tune many design steps, the production process also need details to improve, even equipment may need new capital spending. Therefore, if the brand companies or system companies willing to actively in the work the integration of the supply and for the entire supply will be good for, help the Mini LED and Micro acceleration in LED technology. In 2019, according to the forecast, the Mini LED backlight permeability may also is very low, about 2023 years later, a chance to come to 1 above. 钱DJ
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