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The Mini LED products flood the market in succession, the new pattern will open the LED industry

by:Atop     2020-08-29
The personage inside course of study thinks, the size of about 100 microns Mini LED without having to overcome huge amount transfer technical threshold production feasible, can be in the service of large size screen, television and mobile phone backlight application, especially in the smartphone to preferential import, early in the second half of 2017, it has entered the stage of product design and certification, and drive the LED backlight resumption of kinetic energy. Mini LED backlight design, miniature chip technology, such as light, high quality, low power consumption can be obtained features, performance levels close to OLED, is better than that of OLED in brightness, color, etc. Mini LED back light application for appeal, can be applied to automobile panel, outdoor displays, large size TV e-sports laptops, mobile phones, and other fields. Micro LED because the key technology and equipment such as huge amount transfer quality problem, difficult to achieve in the short term. The Mini LED as the transition of Micro LED display technology, manufacturing technology more mature, more complete production equipment, easy to implement mass production of related products. Mini LED into the panel TV market both for the Mini LED or Micro LED, mobile phone and tablet are the hardest to cut into the field of application of OLED technology in the field, after all, has been relatively mature. Although to overcome or Micro Mini LED LED technology bottleneck is only a matter of time, but it's also easy to overcome in the short term to reduce the cost. At least, at this stage is to still cannot threaten OLED's unique position in the mobile panel. OLED panel may exit 'ten years later, the Mini LED panel is a factory. ”— — Group of optoelectronics Ding Jinglong executive vice general manager, said. 'As a plasma TV red moment, later, or exit the market, because of the OLED panel does not conform to the optical principle, may also exit in 10 years, especially the OLED TV with this kind of medium size OLED panel, will bear the brunt. 'The current high-end mobile phone panel industry is dominated by the OLED panel, and the OLED industry is dominated by South Korea's samsung and LG, even apple had to compromise. Mobile OLED panel are hot, in a short period of time pressure is not much, but OLED TV panel prices artificially high, is expected to be lower cost and better quality of Mini LED panel to replace. CES in earlier this year, samsung unveiled a resemble supersized Micro size up to 146 inches LED TV, the effect of the shock to cause the attention of many people. According to The latest news, samsung called 'The Wall' Micro LED TV to realize mass production in September. Samsung, however, even if the mass production this kind of TV, its price is certainly not cheap. No matter from the technical or cost Mini LED at this stage are more competitive than Micro LED, Mini LED TV nature also have market than Micro LED TV. Mini LED in the future, however, the biggest enemy is Micro LED to say in the future the biggest enemy is Micro Mini LED LED, many people think the Mini LED is Micro LED transitional product, finally able to shine in the whole display market or Micro LED products. But there are still many technical difficulties for Micro LED and cost problem for breakthrough, technical difficulties of relatively low Mini LED to attract a lot of manufacturers on research and development. Micro LED part, samsung, Sony, such as au metal have been show relevant conceptual products this year, although in the short term can not meet production levels, but leading manufacturers and start-up companies actively involved in research and development, part of the technology has been some progress, expected in the second half of this year is visible to the advanced products. Never even the mobile phone industry in production of giant apple also end up on our own Micro LED banner, although the Mini LED are many vendors announced to measure production now, but there is Micro LED giants such as samsung, Sony, apple, in advance, using the unique brand influence, just a ground of Micro LED technology costs must be offensive and it was devastating. And Mini LED transitional product, called Micro LED light display performance this is definitely not a look at the Mini LED Micro LED rival. The only is for the good of the Mini LED technology and time, obviously not Micro LED huge amount transfer problems in can accomplish overnight. And technology mature represents a cost down, performance improvements, these are the decisive factor affecting the display plan to enter the market. Domestic manufacturers have unparalleled expectations for the Mini LED, more should be steadfast studying Mini LED technology, deep excavating the potential of the Mini LED. Micro LED huge amount transfer problems have been solved one day, grasp the Mini LED deeper technology to make standing up to the offensive, the Micro LED, after all, that there was grain in storehouse, the in the mind don't panic. Mini LED and COB LED competition never existed at the beginning of this year, in the industry to discuss the hottest or COB, and COB as a kind of new packaging technology, with encapsulated directly instead of 'table paste process table after encapsulated into a lamp bead first stick' two steps of the process, to the LED display industry brings more space and more likely. COB technology appear to break the public for the concept of lamp bead encapsulation way, also let COB LED born, at the same time, also attracted a large number of companies as a fan, domestic representative with lehman, Mr. Hidayat and Abby's it firms
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