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The Mini LED and OLED competition, panel two tigers layout dynamic overview

by:Atop     2020-08-28
The Mini LED undoubtedly become the LED and panel industry actively into new products. Reason is that the traditional LED backlight has developed for many years, the technology has reached the bottleneck, profit also is relatively high, coupled with OLED displays frivolous and deflection can be functional, the erosion of backlit display market unceasingly, makes the layout on the OLED display manufacturers, are actively involved in the functional and cost competitive new products - The development of Mini LED. Mini LED after nearly two years of development, this year will be formally with OLED display field competition, from the two, in comparison with the features of the Mini LED straight down type backlight dimming with area ( 本地调光) Character, can compare with OLED illumination high contrast effect, coupled with the Mini LED straight down type backlight can make high surface display more to increase its selling point, will be able to rival OLED displays, and in TV products as a benchmark, the Mini LED straight down type backlight will be lower than the cost of OLED 20 ~ 30%, will contribute to the manufacturer's profit performance. Because of this reason, having adequate backlight module plant resources in Taiwan two auo and innolux panel factory, in recent years to fully develop the Mini LED backlighting solutions, expect their display panel to create business alienation of products, in order to get maximum profit. Auo group major e-sports Mini LED backlight display market from the technical side, the Mini LED application on the backlight, can increase the light partition number, to improve the color and contrast of the LCD panel, is expected to use a lot of leds. Calculate a 5. 5 inch mobile phone panel LED usage, straight down type backlight 2 mm OD ≧ solution, dosage of single machine LED in 2000 ~ 5000, if the method of thin solution, LED dosage estimation would raise one times. If do calculation to display on the table, with a 14 inch laptop panel, to increase the high contrast effect, the LED usage higher up to 6000 ~ 7000. However, with the increase of the LED usage, vendors still have to overcome the resulting heat dissipation problem, in addition, in order to more partitions dimmer, increased LED a number of dosage, the dosage of the IC will also rise, with a display of performance improvement at the same time, a dramatic rise in the cost also, means can the Mini LED display product price must fall in more than $1000, can afford the high cost of Mini LED structure. Therefore, au on the Mini LED strategy, locking in the specification is high, the application of less price-sensitive market, like the e-sports, as well as to the accuracy of color demanding professional application products, is now expected to ship in the second half of 2018. Group of a group that those who push the Mini LED backlight vehicle according to the market, by contrast, innolux in Mini LED technology, the use of the car ahead. Group of optoelectronics CES exhibition in 2018 released by 10. 1 inch AM MiniLED car backlit display technology, from the traditional side into the backlit into straight down type backlight with high contrast, to increase driving display resolution, improve driving safety. Is of technique, AM MiniLED can do accurate current regulation and bright state images can be up to more than 1000 nits levels, this is in contrast to the advantage of OLED displays, Dark state image brightness, on the other hand, tend to be fully closed zero, so the contrast can be as high as 1000000:1 level, users can get more clear and bright, especially in the sun still has a high visibility, in order to increase the stability of driving. In addition, the group of gen to AM MiniLED collocation more flexible substrate ( 柔性衬底上) , as a special shape/surface LCD back light for the best solution. AM MiniLED in automotive applications, can achieve OLED contrast of the same magnitude, but also in the picture sharpness with OLED rival, and there won't be OLED on vehicular applications cannot meet reliability, as well as resistance to high temperature of life, and the problem of brand has many advantages. Innolux bullish on the three big car driving, electric cars and car networking development trend, also will further the development of the soft substrate AM Mini LED back light, with special shape or surface LCD, in order to satisfy the demands of automotive customers in the design and appearance, to provide more products that meet the future concept car design direction. This article from: lighting headlines LED China net
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