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The mini - four unity LED display LED will become a dark horse in the market?

by:Atop     2020-08-10
In mid-june, the IFC exhibit on the meeting, including factory photoelectric LED display, such as domestic autoart electronics giant brand rolls out the next generation of 'little distance between the LED display products. These mini - using four unity Products of LED technology with traditional table paste and emerging COB technology advantage of 'the best of both worlds'. Under the new technology, small spacing LED display will usher in how to change? The mini - more integrated encapsulation: four unity LED products, LED the small round spacing has two 'innovation characteristic' : the first is that the MINI - Led, which is 100 microns or the following the application of led crystal particle size. The smaller crystal particles, almost is a traditional 300 micron size LED crystal particles 'one over ten' of the raw material cost. The MINI - smaller particles Upstream of led means lower cost, smaller 'downstream terminal pixel pitch index', but also means that the middle 'advanced packaging technology'. The new round of the second technical characteristics, 'four one' means middle packaging specifications. On the one hand, the traditional table stick lamp bead is basically a 'pixel', including red, green and blue three or four LED crystal; On the other hand, traditional COB products, such as SONY and samsung launched products, are the 'big CELL' encapsulation, a packaging structure of little hundreds, many thousands of pixels. And 'four unity' encapsulation structure, it can be seen as traditional table lamp bead and compromise between COB product strategy: an encapsulation structure, there are four basic pixel structure. The benefits of this package is: 1. Overcome the COB encapsulation, single CELL structure of the LED crystal pieces too many technical difficulties; 2. For downstream terminal building enterprise, the basic geometry size of packaging units not because 'pixel spacing is too small' and become 'very small', leading to 'table paste' welding difficulty ascending; 3. A geometry based just good encapsulation structure, help small spacing LED display 'lights' bad repair, even meet the requirements of 'the manual' fix ( 0. X's table and COB products do not have this feature) 。 So, as a whole 'the unity of' four encapsulation structure is the focus of the new show: round the MINI - Led mainly provides must adopt the structure of the 'four unity' sex - — 100 microns LED crystal made of single pixel encapsulation structure of small size, more than table paste technology economy application limits. At the same time, the more integrated the unity of four pixels and encapsulation, also produced a unique application advantages, such as maintainability, the economy and COB has more table posted products good visual perception. The mini - four unity Why 'more economy' in the small distance between the LED LED market, high-end products is not scarce. Such as SONY CLED product, USES the standard COB encapsulation and Micro - The LED crystal particles ( Than the mini - The LED crystal particles small an order of magnitude) 。 However, this kind of product is often 'high cost', almost could not enter 2 - 50000 yuan per square meter of small spacing LED the mass market. Under the COB technology of Micro - Economy LED 'highbrow', blocking the market popularization. This all white LED display businesses. Therefore, in a new generation of technology, how to realize the 'low cost' become the most focus on the content of all the industry manufacturers. Among them, the main technical approaches include: 1. Do not use Micro - LED particles, such as most COB encapsulation of LED display on the market; 2. Do not use COB technology, use a table to stick, this is the cause of the traditional LED display is cheaper. The mini - for four unity LED technology, can be said to be the characteristics of both the above two kinds of low cost technology: MINI - LED particles, has realized the smaller LED crystal particles, to save the cost, meet the need of more detailed show upstream conditions, avoiding the Micro - Geometry size of LED technology 'extreme', avoid the crystal made from upstream, midstream encapsulation to downstream machine integration of a series of 'technology trap'. At the same time, the 'four unity' encapsulation structure, make table sample post process can be 'somewhat' behind them. Today, is applicable to 1. Zero distance between the size of the table technology, can make the minimum 0. 6 mm spacing of LED display, largely inherited the LED display industry the most mature technology, equipment and experience, has realized the terminal processing link 'low cost'. And, 'the unity of' four Shared encapsulation structure was adopted the design of the cathode, border lines, this also is helpful to optimize the terminal building process, less solder joints, ascending into the nature of the product. So, four mini - unity LED as much as possible is an inherited the first generation product economy 'innovation'. This will be one mini - four LED products market success of one of the core protection. The mini - four unity LED to more 'good' as a generation of new products, if just thinking of low cost, of course won't succeed. The mini - four unity LED market success, still must rely on visual 'performance' better. First of all, the mini - four unity LED is a kind of 'smaller crystal grain of the LED display technology.
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