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The market prospect of the OLED

by:Atop     2020-08-27
According to the small make up the investigation and study, found that OLED display technology to a real impact on the market still need to overcome some challenges. Here in this paper, and the people together to talk about how the market prospect of the OLED, hope this small make up to going to the interpretation of the OLED business friend help. A, a 2013 global OLED TV market will reach $1. 4 billion, according to market research firm iSuppli, according to a research report published in 2013 global OLED ( Organic light emitting diode) Television shipments will increase from $2007 in 3000 to 2. 8 million, the compound annual growth rate for 212. 3%. Looked from the global sales revenue in 2013, the global OLED TV sales revenue will increase from $2 million in 2007 to $1. 4 billion, the compound annual growth rate for 206. 8%. ISuppli said the OLED display technology to a real impact on the market still need to overcome some challenges. First of all, AMOLED display manufacturing process is not enough. As the screen size, yield loss and loss is becoming more and more big. In addition, the service life of the OLED display material still need to improve. AMOLED supplier cannot guarantee production. OLED TV set, however, has many advantages. Do not need backlight OLED TV, so save electricity more than other technologies is thinner and more. OLED TV very fast response time, as she watched the TV without moving fuzzy phenomenon. In addition, the OLED TV more colorful than other technologies. SONY in Japan market launched in December 2007, 11-inch OLED TV set sells for $1800, the first to enter the market. Some vendors, including Toshiba and panasonic, is expected to enter the market in 2009. Second, Pioneer in 1997 published the commercialization process with a resolution of 256 x64 monochromatic PM - The OLED panel vehicle acoustics; The 1999 Tohoku Pioneer developed 5 success. 2 inches, 320 x240 resolution for pixels, 256 color, full-color ( 完整的颜色) PM The OLED panel. In 2000, Motorola mobile phone 'Timeport' by Tohoku Pioneer of 1. 8 inch colorful ( 区域的颜色) PM The OLED panel. Samsung launched carrying full-color PM - 2001 The mobile phone of OLED panel; Mobile phone 2002 Fujitsu F505i time match screen Tohoku Pioneer of 1. 0 inches full-color PM - OLED panel, since then the PM - The application of OLED in mobile phone screen with a large number of rise. Third, P - Micro OLED display will be commercially available P - least research and development and production of the guinness book of records OLED screen of Micr oEmissive Displays ( 地中海) Company, by the Japanese digital camera factory NHJ launch the first consumer electronic products, combining with the tape showed MP3 and high resolution digital camera, MED ME3203 for low-power 1/4 VGA resolution ( 3 20 x RGB x 240) P - Micro display (OLED Microdis play) , will be used in the new product of electronic viewing window and the eyepiece. It is understood that this new global product is designed and developed by a Taiwanese digital camera factory.
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