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The LED display rental market analysis in our country

by:Atop     2020-08-08
LED display rental market, as the industry from the solid backbone of the market, because of the low entry barriers, attracted a large number of display enterprises into in recent years, the market competition is very fierce. More due to the implementation of energy-saving austerity measures in China in recent years, large-scale activities significantly reduce the cost budget, is closely related to the LED rental display of the performing arts stage the demand for rental products dropped sharply, lead to the LED display screen rental market downturn. But this year, the rental market apparently recovered, in view of the rental market of 'fragmented', to display enterprise leasing new products constantly. Under the guidance of our small spacing, rental screen is showing a vitality, the development of prosperity in the rental market. Experience stage LED display rental market development in our country the development of the leasing industry of our country LED display market, can be traced back to the beginning of 2000, when a number of enterprises represented by lighthouse first entered the market rental screen. Then, the influence of the policy of market demand and the development of the LED display rental market with solid market, since the childhood, gradually developed into one of the most important market segment LED display industry. LED rental screen market since the rise, we can be summed up in four stages: 2002 - Belong to the early stage, in 2006-2007 Is leasing screen high speed development period in 2010, 2011 stable rental market, since 2012 leasing industry's most competitive stage. In the process of development, LED display industry leasing market with solid loading is a reciprocal relationship, but to a certain extent, due to the technology, process, policy, market driven, the influence of such factors as solid loading and rental market, also in a certain extent affect each other. In solid loading heated market competition, for example, display falling corporate profits, profits are relatively high rental market and the rapid growth of market demand, will attract some specializing in production of solid loading screen enterprises actively involved in the rental market. LED display rental market in our country start, because the screen is the restriction of the technique and technology, development is very slow, so the intervention of the enterprise is not much. In big ways, always with the development of the whole screen of lease market in China the development of LED industry, at the early stage, LED rental screen to tell from the technology, a single box weighs hundreds of pounds, up to 10 cm thick, so bulky products, obviously does not favor the market promotion, can say is a big 'indifference' of leasing products. And with the progress of technology, LED display products in terms of installation, structure, material had great progress, leasing products suffer the disappear, to open the market to lay a solid foundation. This article from: LED display search LED web search LED in the world
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