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The future of LED industry which a few notable trends are there?

by:Atop     2020-09-11
In the past half a moment, 2018. During the year, LED industry more mature, the market also tends to be stable. Giant enterprises concurrently Evergrande, the use of the advantage of capital, technology, continuously extend the industrial chain consolidate the leading position; On the other hand, the emergence of the new technology also gives small businesses do big chance. So, the LED industry and is worth to pay close attention to which a few 'trend'? Can upgrade is essential step in intelligent lighting can recycling economy is to build a resource saving, resources circulation use of the key step of harmonious society, to the efficient use of resources and recycling as the core, under the big trend, the modularization of intelligent lighting, scalable and interchangeable will is an essential step. Intelligent road lighting, for example, intelligent road lighting including intelligent road controller, sensors, power and light source, they are modular can they can reuse, the connection between them, install the standardization of the interface is the first step on the support of circular economy is very important, modularization and standardization of interface can make the road lighting smart Ready, especially the standardized installation interface made now and future install or upgrade the Internet of things in road lighting control technology becomes simple, easy to allow components at the scene to be modified and replaced without having to remove the lamps and lanterns, and supports the use of DALI, 0/1-10 v dimmer agreement, etc. Health lighting promising lighting research in science, the relationship between the light and health increasingly been discovered, such as lighting has been extended to the visual field of biological effects, many studies have shown that the visual effect of the human eye, light by retinal ganglion cells in the perception of light can affect the release of melatonin, the sleep at night and biological rhythms. It all suggests an emphasis on health industry a bright future in the future. Today's lighting market, from environmental protection, energy saving products to see, the market is becoming saturated, from health to go to the market is a blue ocean, Nobel laureate nakamura second speech in fudan university, put forward the first generation of blue LED products harm, serious and even lead to cancer, and the problems at present the most popular market, including government buildings, Banks, and even the hospital, school, family. So health oriented, the market will again shuffle and power. LED packaging companies into small spacing display market in recent years, with the rapid expansion of small spacing shows application market, a growing number of LED packaging manufacturers into the market. June, according to market research machine QYResearch2017 released '2017 global small spacing market development present situation and future trends forecast, 2022 small spacing led market scale will reach $3. 6 billion. Market demand for the LED packaging companies, small spacing increases is an opportunity, but as the encapsulation device size smaller and smaller, the difficulty of the encapsulation also becomes more and more big, it puts forward higher requirements on packaging manufacturers. Subdivision category pattern of brand molding segment pattern already LED display industry, recently in a niche industry has some outstanding enterprises of small and medium-sized screen; Leading industry several large screen companies use the layout of the subsidiary category segment market is becoming more and more clear. Their niche in their main have accumulated more solid brand foundation, these all show a phenomenon: industry segment category brand pattern is forming, and a strong brand scale growth is strong. City culture lighting lead night scene lighting is not only a traditional cultural tourism landscape lighting compound upgrades, more of a city business card, is advantageous to the promotion and shaping the image of the city, city lights is no longer a simple functional lighting, but based on the psychological experience of artistic creation activities. Lighting as a means of artistic expression, as well as by urban lighting solution show the most representative of regional culture, build or reshape the unique image of the city, stimulate new economic vitality. As more and more cities began to pay attention to the individuation of urban lighting design, lighting city culture through text brigade night view lighting will be more and more, in the form of urban lighting solution. Therefore, represented by night scene lighting cultural tourism city lighting culture is due to its function of culture and art experience and lighting techniques combined with multiple advantages and become a development trend of urban lighting. Conclusion: how the future trend of the development of LED industry? Blue ocean in emerging markets have 'blue' or 'red'? Forming the scale of enterprise how to layout? Subdivision leading the future? LED industry is full of surprises in the second half, the future can be in such an environment to keep their own core competitiveness, will directly decide the listed companies have a subsequent sustained profitability and share price performance. This article from: China network LED China network security exhibition
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