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The first year or become a Mini LED outbreak in 2020, attract upstream and downstream manufacturers the compact layout

by:Atop     2020-09-05
Since 2018, the Mini LED continues to happen in the 'breakthrough' the news of a 'new'. Recently, the Mini LED spotlight is filled. Boe chairman Chen Yanshun, Mini LED technology to explode in the next two or three years, is the direction of future development panel industry. Vice President of TCL huaxing photoelectric Zhang Xin said publicly that next year will be the active development of Mini LED TV first, is also a breaking point. Mini LED high attention by the vendor, does this mean that the tuyere is approaching outbreak? Booster Mini LED LCD product innovation, and rank mm light-emitting diodes (leds), as well as Micro LED, are based on tiny LED crystal particles as point of pixel light-emitting display technology. Mini LED to undertake small spacing LED high efficiency, high reliability, high brightness, and the characteristics of fast response time, color is more bright-coloured, higher resolution, more slim volume, longer service life. Its technical difficulties under Micro LED at the same time, more easy to mass production. And compared with OLED, Mini LED in yield, cost, energy saving effect and display performance, etc, also has the advantage. In traditional LCD and weaker, OLED market has yet to mature, the Mini LED could cooperate overcapacity LCD play a turnaround? For LCD factory, more involved in the layout and development of Mini LED panel factory, help to promote product upgrades, improve profitability, and drive the Mini LED backlighting TFT glass also want to use the existing LCD panel production capacity, will play a certain relief of excess capacity. Swarm intelligence consulting senior analyst ( Sigmaintell) Dabao in an interview with 'China electronics news' reporter said, the Mini LED backlight combined with high-end LCD screen, as a new technology direction of the liquid crystal display products, can achieve higher partitioning and finer quality, enhance the product competitiveness in the high-end products, liquid crystal display (LCD), narrow differences between and the performance of OLED display products is expected to drive LCD product innovation. Set consulting, TrendForce) Storage in research vice President in an interview with 'China electronics news' reporter also suggested that for liquid crystal panel industry overcapacity, the Mini LED backlight technology undoubtedly provides a more upscale options, make a panel makers can through raising the unit price to get rid of the predicament of not profit. Attract upstream and downstream manufacturers closely current industry chain upstream and downstream of the chip layout, encapsulation, panels, and the application of terminal manufacturers closely layout and realize linkage. From the current manufacturer's layout, the upstream chip manufacturers, accumulated and three Ann and HuaCan Mini LED driver products currently has entered the shipping phase; Middle packaging manufacturers, middle reaches packaging manufacturers, light, the star, macro, and the products have been completed inspection of Switzerland abundant and start shipment; Downstream panel makers, will be officially launched next year boe glass MiniLED backlight products. TCL huaxing has 15. The Mini - 6 inch LED a laptop screen. HuaCan photoelectric Mini LED products on the market has been the first mass production. Switzerland abundant photoelectric built the first Mini LED automatic production line; Terminal application vendors, SONY, samsung, TCL, konka, leah, TV manufacturers such as apple, mobile phone manufacturers such as huawei, millet, OPPO into Mini LED field, has introduced form kinds of Mini LED application products. Such as konka to release the Mini LED directly to the display screen 'APHAEA future', etc. Mini LED backlit display, compared to the traditional liquid crystal display can provide better image contrast, and higher brightness. Many terminal manufacturers hope that the Mini LED backlighting to increase the value of products, and improve competitiveness and equipped with the OLED panel products. Store in said, for the terminal manufacturers, at the present stage does need a higher reliability than OLED high-end products, to stimulate consumers to buy. So technology upgrading collocation high-end market positioning, has attracted many manufacturers flocking. Dabao is put forward, to the end application makers, high-end TV products technical route choice will be more diversified, no resources of OLED panel TV brand manufacturers, in particular, the Mini LED backlight TV will greatly optimize its positioning in the high-end market, enhance the brand image, improve profit. Lower costs the most critical problem to research the Mini LED backlight or is the cost consideration, compared with the traditional LED backlight, the use of Mini LED backlit chip number increased by one hundred times, so the cost of materials, playing a number of times, yield and other issues are the key factors that affect the cost. 'So the industry can use how fast the time cut down the cost of the Mini LED backlighting, will determine the Mini LED permeability increase speed. 'Store in said. In LED and LCD industry is faced with excess capacity, profit under unprecedented pressure, the application of the Mini LED technology can improve product performance to enhance product competitiveness, and enhance the profit space. For panel makers, Mini LED backlight collocation higher-order panel, to shape the higher-end products, to have the opportunity to get rid of the predicament of 'bargain'.
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