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The development of the domestic LED display company in 2017 of the new situation

by:Atop     2020-03-22

Recent news reports, by our country independent research and development of large aircraft C919 in Shanghai pudong airport first flight successfully, it is important milestone in the development of civil aviation industry in China. Data shows, the led display screen is in the late 1980 s arises at the historic moment, and rapidly on a global scale has been widely applied. Has been developing so far, led display in the traditional applications such as outdoor advertising, stage rental industry has developed a mature, so, the future led display industry development trend and what are the notable features? This article will attempt to from the 'new opportunities', 'new trend' perspective to observe, and representative of the development of the listed companies in this industry the 'new status' a simple glance, for your reference. 2017 new situation the development of the domestic LED display company profile picture: LED display live to witness the C919 first flight change the LED display industry of new opportunities related to the survey, with the steady development of economy, the increasingly rich variety of consumption, as well as market competition intensifies, the quantity of advertisers will show increasing trend, as a result, advertising market scale will also respond to and expanding. Although the outdoor advertising full-year growth yoy, but overall growth is relatively slow. At the same time, including the movie theaters, elevator, subway, shopping center, etc scenarios of the new outdoor media have rapid growth, outdoor media, perceptions, and interactive digital capacity upgrade, is set to drive the industry change. According to iresearch 2016 online advertising research, according to a report by 2018, mobile advertising market scale will reach 326. 7 billion yuan, accounting for 78% of the overall network advertising market. Analysis pointed out that procedural buy, mobile scenario marketing, marketing and social spheres of entertainment and so on four aspects are the main reasons for the rapid growth of mobile Internet advertising. O2O marketing in China the development of local small and medium-sized advertisers round of mobile Internet marketing education, and rise to promote mobile social marketing, marketing and other marketing model for the development of core strength. Mobile devices provide rich information such as user location, mobile marketing service providers with the aid of LBS local big data, accurate orientation implementation offline customer training, more conducive to implement O2O operation mode. Combined with social media at the same time, help local advertisers to local users to achieve long-term, more frequency of marketing activities, with relatively low price to achieve a higher conversion rate. As you can see, with the rapid development of new media, China's public relations market remained stable and rapid growth momentum. The formation of the 'Internet +' trend, digital marketing, business development rapidly, and the traditional marketing tied, and from the point of view of trends in market share will be further expanded. Represented by the new media pattern of change, the spread of communication and marketing integration trend is more and more obvious, the boundary of the public relations and advertising in accelerating disappear. Public relations services face drive content as the core of large transmission and transformation trend of the integration of marketing, public relations firm had first-mover advantage in this transformation trend, is expected to expand business development space. Countries are, in fact, to encourage the development of the advertising industry, and in the advertising industry 'twelfth five-year' plan ', a number of related industrial policy mentioned in advance, the development of advertising industry. Advertising as an important component, outdoor advertising will undoubtedly benefit from the policy support. In addition, the revolutionary development of digital technology and network transmission technology, has brought the rapid increase of information and communication channels, a variety of new technologies will greatly improve the effect of the transmission of customer information. LED display industry's future development prospect and trend according to introducing, at present domestic LED display market growth compare traditional balance, which LED to small spacing, drive the rapid growth of urban commercial display application system, have become new growth point of the LED display application industry. Led display will be fully thin soft and special-shaped incremental market innovation technology, in hd energy-saving and intelligent interactive technology to upgrade the stock market. With the increase of LED display technology and economies of scale, industry barriers to technology and capital are also significantly increased. Admittedly, residents' consumption habits and lifestyle changes, will directly influence the spread of the media effect. Internet advertising, with traditional outdoor brands, led large screen as the representative of the outdoor media and marketing emphasizes the audience experience activities are due to the good fit life of contemporary people, consumption habits and produce good communication effect, so as to attract advertisers. For enterprise dedicated to provide quality marketing communications services, should set out to build a multi-dimensional and accurate transmission network can effectively increase the channels to get the audience attention and probability, and better meet customer marketing demands and enhance their competitiveness. On the other hand, the global outdoor led display market is also growing steadily. The rate of 9% growth. Led display screen is widely used in advertising media, sanda venues, stage background, municipal engineering and other fields, become the most mature in the application of the led a niche market. Analysis points out, from enter indoor, outdoor led display market market is small spacing presents the explosive growth in China, is expected in this ( 2017). Reach about 8 billion the size of the market, and will continue to penetrate into the large screen display market. In addition, the led display will also be fully thin soft and abnormity of incremental market innovation technology, in hd energy-saving and intelligent interactive technology to upgrade the stock market.                                

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