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The development of LED, MiniLED and small spacing MicroLED those things. 。 。 。 。 。

by:Atop     2020-09-10
See a lot of articles about MiniLED, MicroLED recently, some said is right, but some have been passed off track. Recently saw a few tracks MicroLED friend, he asked a question to me, is a fire that recently compared the samsung LED MiniLED or MicroLED movie screen to the end? Of course, the answer is no, why? Small spacing LED: samsung movie screen, SONY CLEDIS according to public information of samsung, samsung's movie screen is a diagonal line 455 - inch screen, width of 10. 24 m, 5. 4 meters of the screen. This is equivalent to a relatively small movie screen. Screen broadcast content, by 4 k resolution 4096 x 2160 pixels. LED screen can also choose to use a high dynamic range ( HDR) 。 At the same time regulation brightness of 500 CD / ㎡. According to the online calculation, this screen LED spacing of 2. 5, the corresponding LED to 1010 encapsulation, is now the mainstream of the small spacing packaging size. This is a very mature product in LED industry, leah DE is the leading enterprises. Some panel enterprises is not very understanding, this also is very normal thing. Just like everyone in said MicroLED. Actually you know the biggest difficulties is the most massive transfers, MicroLED is actually a cross-border tripartite cooperation products, this will also be the difficulty bigger, online you think as much as huge amount transfer technology. So small spacing and MicroLED is what kind of a relationship? Actually before the SONY made a very good interpretation. Now from the original CLEDIS TV to the outdoor screen. Actually the previously analyzed online king, why from TV to outdoor displays. Actually, from TV to the outdoor screen online you think MicroLED is the way to the small spacing, SONY product example is used to verify the MicroLED commercialization of difficulty, to go a bit bigger size small spacing. SONY's CLEDIS technology are also small spacing LED display technology, the point spacing of 1. 2 mm small distance between the LED display screen, which has many small spacing LED enterprises began to mass production. MiniLED: backlight market opportunity, according to industry development trend of science and technology, 2018, released on MicroLED developing, points out that due to the Mini LED technology can match the soft substrate, a high surface in the form of backlight, will have the opportunity to use in mobile phones, TV, automotive panel and e-sports laptops, and other applications, is expected in 2018 will have a Mini LED backlight application related samples. Mini LED backlight, USES the local dimming design, its another advantage to the LCD is more elaborate HDR partition. LCD in scale and precision of HDR partition, is actually the back light brightness area scale and precision of adjustment. Mini LED the side back light dozens of LED lamp bead, turned into a straight down the back light thousands, tens of thousands, or even more light bead, the HDR precision reached an unprecedented level - — Although not as OLED pixels of the theoretical value adjustment, but at least enough to meet the future HDR image signal for adjusting range of extreme need. In addition, the Mini LED backlit LCD panels have better yan color, but the thickness can be the same as OLED. In the TV panel, edge-lit now only need 10 high brightness LED backlight design, mobile phone backlight need only 25 more leds, but converted to the Mini LED, backlight LED TV panel number can pull up to tens of thousands of stars, 5 inches smartphone panel backlight is 9000 - 10000 Mini LED. For LED display applications, monthly number of RGB LED used to display all over the world as many as 1 ~ 20000 KK sets. In other words, if samsung LED display and SONY CLEDIS become a new trend, as a potential market, the Mini LED in LED outdoor screen also has a large market space. For the car, e-sports domain, is unlimited room for growth. All in all, be able to use existing LCD technology basis, combining with the same mature RGB LED technology, to develop a new generation of backlight panel design. Both save electricity cost, quality, thickness, and abnormity cutting, surface display, can compare with the AMOLED, therefore, no matter how MiniLED have an opportunity. MicroLED: very beautiful also far set consulting LED research center ( LED net) A 2017 study, points out that Micro LED excellent expansibility, business opportunities, if the Micro LED display technology fully replace the components estimate of LCD, the size of the market estimates that up to $30 billion to $40 billion. In market space as a whole, MicroLED really is very beautiful, of course, far away, why do you say that? Because the majority MicroLED currently facing problems. First of all, is what is known as the transfer of a huge amount, but also because it is difficult to commercialization, the enterprise began to choose the next best MiniLED, hope can through the transition period to promote MicroLED MiniLED to strive for more time. So MiniLED can live how long? This of course depends on when MicroLED up. Now, MicroLED there is huge amount transfer, repair, light color consistency and so on are difficult.
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