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The core competencies of the LED display

by:Atop     2020-06-08
Core competitiveness of the enterprise from its own based on industrial chain to build the relationship between the value chain and value chain. Build core competence based on value chain has two aspects: resource placeholder and value generating revenue, LED display companies as well. LED display resources: the enterprise value chain downstream refactoring and deliver value of basic element, contains the upstream to the downstream RGB three color chip, driver IC, such as the core components of human resources, as well as the channel resources, etc. LED display enterprise value income: from the perspective of profits, to achieve the balance of the value chain cost and delivery value maximization. 1, the resource itself on "grab"? Resource is the core of the placeholder: in the construction of a product or service value and delivery process, find out the key resources of the scarce or can be controlled, thus to gain competitive advantages in the aspect of value chain. Components on the LED display industry development up to now, and the middle reaches, the cost of basic have transparency, and tried to cut down the price, quality than turned about, after all, the product quality is the key factor, decided to brand loyalty: LED display belongs to the sustainable use of the product, the customer will be formed in the process of long-term use of perception of brand quality and recognition, the audience for the quality of the recognition and trust is the guarantee of long-term interests. Channels, on the other hand, is the enterprise brand and sales reach, is the focus of most enterprises have, especially in the past two years, as the price of the LED display civilian to change gradually, to commercial and civil field penetration, the market requires continuous capacity growth. At the same time, a line of city market gradually saturated, LED display companies began to second - and third-tier cities, and at that time, channel has been the importance of LED display manufacturer. Placeholder LED display enterprise value chain of the resources in addition to raw material supply, channel resources, financing, human resources, equipment resources, also need "placeholder" screen enterprise resources. 2, "" soft hard couple, to realize the value of revenue product value includes" hard power "and" soft power ", hard power refers to the product itself, "soft power" is mainly refers to the product after-sales service and brand competitiveness, etc. ; LED display after-sale service work is LED companies to provide customers in the process of using the continuation of "product", LED display technology products, from the installation and operation to maintain all need professional knowledge and technology, so its after-sales service is more important for customers. Brand competitiveness is refers to the degree of cognition and recognition brand value. Good brand image can form the brand loyalty, brand premium. Nearly two years, LED display industry continued price war at the same time of lower profit margins, are rapidly eliminated smaller LED display company, only the brand can bring additional value for the enterprise. From the collapse of the LED display screen, we see not hard, exit products are often lacking characteristics of enterprise, enterprise brand characteristic is not obvious, but after wind and rain is always standing enterprises tend to be the brand, product and service features in enterprises. Brand is equivalent to the enterprise or business card, product has immeasurable potential value, need long time input and persistence can be established, is the aim of the enterprise living, is also the competitiveness of the enterprise sustainable development. 2, "innovation" to achieve revenue until today in development of led display, its inherent attributes may have all the wholesale manufacturers can do it, but if you consider is stable and promising products for their own use, the led display of the innovation is so important, the glass screen is installed in the inside of the glass curtain wall screen, product differentiation and the product itself, it does not need to be approval, leads to a lot of people try ( ˇˇ) Want to invest in this kind of display, raster display by its own weight and convenient installation and high grade appearance design won the part of the market, while LED is energy saving, but the concept of energy-saving LED display a lot of people will be blurred, why people in the eyes of energy-saving LED display appeared another energy-saving LED display, energy-saving LED display is the upgraded version of LED display screen, the same types of LED display, LED display than conventional LED display more than 50% of energy conservation - 75%.
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