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The apple to gain breakthrough in Micro LED technology is expected to promote quickly

by:Atop     2020-08-21
Vision and transferred to Micro LED industry, every move about the screen technology. So-called MicroLED, leds miniaturized and matrix technology, from the point of view of principle, is on a single chip integrated high-density LED arrays of tiny size. It will feature is generally LED pixel size from millimeter to micron level. According to the deep technology is introduced, the traditional LED encapsulation body size is larger than 1000 microns, Micro LED level have to below will size shrink to 100 microns. It is reported that the United States apple is currently in longtan science park to build the third plant in Taiwan region, is expected to be completed in December this year. Reported that apple at this time the construction of longtan new factory, most likely because of a breakthrough on the Micro LED technology. Industry insiders said the apple into Micro LED so early, in addition to master the technology earlier, also can as soon as possible from the design thinking, how to use the characteristics of Micro LED apple can use their mastery of the patent design a completely different product. And based on the progress of the new factory, apple could come as early in the year after using Micro LED technology products. It is reported that apple in Taiwan to build a third plant is currently in construction stage, is expected to be completed on 2 December this year. The factory is located in longtan science park, the apple only about 100 meters in longtan original factory. Compared with apple in longtan original factory, the size of the new factory is bigger, the old factory only two main building, the new factory site sign is stated, the new factory is 3 floor underground six floors on the ground, a total of 5 buildings. Next to the factory, in addition, apple longtan is auo and TSMC's factory, and the two companies are Micro LED apple development important partners, from the new factory can arrive in less than two minutes to walk. Micro LED LED or miniature leds, also known as mu is the earliest hongxing by Kansas state university professor Jingyu and Texas tech university professor Lin first invented in 2000. In 2014, apple in longtan, starting the first new factory development work is one of the high resolution of OLED screen, when the global suppliers frequently in and out of here, three years later the high resolution of OLED appeared on the iPhone. Also in the factory at the same time, apple development of Micro LED technology competition with OLED. Micro LED and OLED, is made up of light-emitting diodes (leds). This means that both are 'self-illumination' technology of screen. Each red, green and blue pixel will be our own light shine, do not like the need for dedicated backlight for LCD screen. Therefore, Micro LED display can provide and OLED as contrast and color performance, can also keep the light in the production. The composition of different places is the LED material. O in the OLED represents mean organic ( 有机) Stack, it is to point to to the pixel light-emitting section USES the organic material. But different Micro LED, this technology is used in the luminous part of inorganic gallium nitride ( GaN) Materials. An industry insiders revealed that apple had to acquire LuxVue Micro LED start-up companies, use the company's technology to design the next generation of Micro LED display in Taiwan, but then encountered obstacles, the whole team move back to silicon valley. Apple near the headquarters, bought an old fabs, 'they gave up their LuxVue technology,' with semiconductor devices Micro LED the development of new process, the 'six months ago, I heard that apple to Micro LED the team moved back to the longtan. 'From apple's recent patent application to view, apple more than the past Micro LED patent designed by LuxVue team, but patent published in these two years, have a lot of new faces, and industry observation coincides with mine. According to the report, the apple is on the device to get the breakthrough, American businessmen to develop a new exposure machine don't need a mask. Industry observation, the device can manufacture large quantities of Micro LED on glass substrates, in addition to reducing the production cost greatly, product design is more convenient, 'longtan will introduce a new factory will gradually move from silicon valley equipment'. An industry observation, apple into Micro LED so early, in addition to master the technology earlier, also can as soon as possible from the design thinking, how to use Micro characteristics of the leds. AR glasses, for example, is a hot new products this year, apple can use their mastery of the patent designed a completely different product.
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