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The 2022 global Micro LED display market will reach $10. 7 billion

by:Atop     2020-09-05
According to relevant data show that global Micro LED the market will increase from $2. 7 billion in 2019 to $10. 7 billion in 2022. Company n - industry analysis Tech think Micro LED technology is currently make substantive progress, will provide plenty of opportunities for the industry. N - Tech on the Micro view optimistic LED display market, in fact, most analysts think Micro LED to three years to realize commercialization. Through a lot of working prototype evaluation, have confirmed that the Micro LED technology is better than LCD and OLED technology. This advantage will be close eyes AR/VR projector and car directly contributing factor to the HUD. For such applications require a smaller form factor, low weight, high resolution and high brightness performance. For Micro LED technology, intelligent watch market is another big market opportunities. Micro the extremely low power consumption and super brightness LED technology to make it become an ideal choice for the wearable market. Wearable market in 2022 Micro LED technology output up to 1. 6 billion dollars. In addition, the oversized display will also provide substantial revenue growth for Micro leds. Because this kind of display is often used in video wall, digital cinema, digital signage and home theater and other occasions, and n - Tech think these applications will greatly benefit from Micro LED technology on large area of expansibility, SONY and samsung has confirmed this) 。 Micro LED to the 'big screen' applications provide the possibility of a merge with other functions, also compatible with the flexible, transparent display design. According to the report, Micro LED technology does not apply to all areas, because there are still many Micro LED technology cannot popularize application. Including smartphones, tablets and ordinary TV market, in these markets, LCD and OLED technology will continue to do well. Micro LED technology advantage in the market is not very obvious, although low power consumption is likely to become a selling point of tablets and smartphones. This article from: OFweek semiconductor lighting network
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