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Taiwan into the several big panel makers, Micro LED the way in the future?

by:Atop     2020-08-09
Chinese panel companies in Taiwan have been promoting MicroLED technology development, because the Korean factory LGDisplay and SamsungDisplay has monopolized the whole field of OLED panel, panel factory located in mainland China is also investing heavily in OLED panel technology, so the panel factory in Taiwan very much hope on MicroLED technology, so as to realize the bend overtaking. The sprint Micro LED hon hai group, group a, rong chong, sail xuan three big advance. Group of technical superiority and carry panel assists, glory and more crucial role, not only as Micro LED technology development, also participate in important investment layout; New sail xuan, have active seek European team, cooperative development key of huge amount transfer technology. Micro LED afternoon watching qiao, The industry widely, apple iPhone display, will gradually from The LED, LCD, OLED to Micro combined with samsung has announced that The world's first Micro LED modularization television 'The Wall' open purchase in advance, is expected to season 3 shipments. Hon hai from related active layout, at this time to win the iPhone future panel order, synchronization for application in the field of television and other large size with rival samsung, accumulate energy. Industry insiders pointed out that the Micro LED technology involves panel and LED two big industries, hon hai must mobilise resources related to process equipment is also a big key. Due to Micro LED face a huge amount of transfer problems, the world's largest independent microelectronics research and development institutions of beauty ( Imec) Take the initiative to find sail xuan, cooperation to develop 'grain cloth flocking machine' experiment machine, facing a huge amount transfer target. Imec is known as TSMC, samsung, Intel, and huida 'important behind the head', in the semiconductor process and material should be close cooperation. Seek sail xuan confirmed that have European unit, by the technical programs, but the two sides have a confidentiality agreement, unable to disclose details. Innolux panel technology as backing, starting with the Mini LED, attract major automakers. Innolux JingLong as executive vice President and technology development center is responsible for the people, said Micro LED will be the next generation of the mainstream, in front of the mature technology, the leading group of the development of AM Mini LED automotive panel, and actively develop small and medium size of application solutions, the end of the year will be the first commercialization, then transferred to the Micro LED step by step. In addition, the hon hai group has invested the Micro previously LED industry eLux, and gradually find a sharp, innolux, a stake in eLux. Statistics show that group of gen, rong chong owns 13, respectively. 64%, 9. Highlighted 09% stake, hon hai chairman terry gou, the innolux and rong and the development of Micro leds are heavily dependent on. Industry, apple work closely with hon hai group, group a, glory and will play a pioneer. Rong chong hon hai is important to the LED investment company, cooperate with group, resource integration, cooperation with innolux, sharp panel, such as customers, in the third quarter of this year will be the latest launch of the Mini LED backlight panel. Gen is also actively developing Micro LED technology, to the production goals. In addition, 8 LED epitaxial factory light 鋐 shareholders' boardroom changes from hon hai group intends to step in, eventually by veterans and win light 鋐 two seats director, respectively, by the glory and the chairman Fang Rongxi ZhuangHongRen representatives, directors, highlight the rong play key role in Micro LED hon hai group layout. Auo, Micro crystal electricity LED rushes out performance outfits fight rob into Micro LED market, auo first exhibited the highest resolution full-color LED display active Micro technology, declaring the production schedule. Engineering institute assists crystal electricity, hin period accumulation, developed the 'super Micro LED display screen' indoor small spacing module, to only 110 inches indoor display market. According to the research, points out that Micro LED business potential huge, if fully replace Micro LED LCD components estimate, the size of the market will be up to $30 billion to $40 billion ( Approximately nt $900 billion to 1. 2 million yuan) To attract global technology companies and research institutions engaged in heavyweight. In hon hai to fully mobilize the development of Micro LED, friends don't fall after people, developed the world's highest resolution full-color active 8 inches of Micro LED display technology, and won the '2018 best of the best' SID show affirmation, highlight auo in Micro LED technology development capabilities. Friends of the general manager and chief operating officer Cai Guoxin said the au to Micro and a number of advanced LED display technology won the 'best of the best' SID show, the friends of long-term accumulation of lead into advanced display technology. Engineering institute also assists in crystal manufacturers, such as electric, xin xing, enter the field of Micro LED.
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