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Stage LED display 2 installation instructions Description Seven LED attention points for stage LED display installation

Stage LED display 2 installation instructions Description Seven LED attention points for stage LED display installation


Stage LED display 2 installation instructions

First, the lifting method

 The LED rental screen size is determined by the normal screen.

The lifting screen should not be made bigger. Generally required to be below 6M*10M. Exceptions to special cabinet materials and curtains. The top is equipped with a lifting beam and the bottom is equipped with a bottom beam. The lifting beam is used to lift the screen. Between the row and the row box, the hoisting mechanism is connected, and the horizontal box is fastened with a lock.

Lifting mechanism points:

Gear type, cone type, bolt type.

Gear type is more expensive and beautiful.

The cone type is moderately priced and reliable.

The bolt type is the cheapest, reliable, and the assembly is troublesome, and it is suitable for the case of not being repeatedly disassembled.

Second, the truss installation method

1) The screen can be moved in real time according to actual needs

2) Screen movement moves according to the display screen and the scene situation

3) Adopting the truss rail type design Because the rental LED display products need to be frequently loaded and unloaded and reused according to the place of use and the stage scene, the product portability and durability of the product and the professionalism of the installer are required. . In addition, the general rental screen can not avoid the transportation link, so it must have a high shock resistance.

Seven key points for the installation of the stage LED display

The first stage of LED rental, when installing LED screens, the most important things to explore in the early stage, but also according to the site construction and screen layout, it must be the combination of the installation site and the screen is the first LED installation process. step.

The second point of the stage LED rental, LED screen is the steel frame planning: in general, in the next 3 to 5 days after signing the contract, the engineer will hand over the steel frame structure to the installer according to the actual situation of the LED display. The installation can only get all the construction of the steel frame structure drawings (CAD drawings), and must be based on the drawings and the related materials and the steel structure.

 The third point of the stage LED rental, LED screen power and distribution equipment accounting: Generally, when the installation of the device, it must be planned in advance for the power consumption of the screen and the number of distribution cabinets, and then the LED display Before the production, the manufacturer will calculate the actual electricity consumption according to the actual situation of the screen body, and cooperate with the construction party.

The fourth point LED display body device: customers will understand the steel structure construction, will not know much about the LED display line, general splicing, this should be carried out under the guidance of professional LED engineers, stage LED rental Moreover, the other party is required to participate in the LED screen operator to learn more about the screen body.

 The fifth point In the debugging of the screen body at the end of the device, the stage LED rental needs to require the LED manufacturer's technical personnel to fully test the LED screen body in order to power on normally, and connect the computer to control the screen body.

The sixth point LED screen repair: When the LED screen is being debugged, the stage LED rental may present a situation in which a certain LED module is damaged. At this time, the engineer is required to perform on-site repair, perhaps replacing the spare parts.

The seventh point of the LED display skills training: in the production process of the screen body, customers can send people to the LED display manufacturers to learn led display operation, simple spare parts replacement skills. Remind everyone to remember to pay attention to the flaws described above when installing the LED display. Also, don't forget to pay attention to safety when installing.

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