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Sports industry development bring new opportunities to LED display

by:Atop     2020-08-09
With the continuous development and innovation of LED display technology, the LED display is not to be outdone, respond to the call of The Times, with its spectacular 'posture' and constantly breakthrough self innovation ability to shine on the basketball court, football, table tennis field, such as sports venues, with light on major events, proud achievements. Sports industry rapid development brings new opportunities for the LED display, now has become the Chinese sports market consumption upgrading under the background of a tuyere, attaches great importance to by the central government, relevant departments began to sports industry data examination, various industrial policy support, is to break the Chinese sports industry scale is not big enough, the structure optimization and regional development is not balanced enough bottleneck, according to relevant data statistics, by 2025, the total scale will exceed 5 trillion yuan, the sports industry in the development of sports industry has entered a 'golden period'. The expansion of the sports industry bring enormous business opportunities for all walks of life, especially the LED display industry is directly related to sports events, is to smell the smell of opportunity. In fact, the LED display have been active in each big sporting events and various kinds of sports venues of project engineering, especially in the football league and all kinds of competition in the competition, LED display playback of the picture, slow-motion replay, athletes introduction highlights, such as its color bright, clear display effect to the world the audience leave deep impression, also make breakthrough and racking their brains to many domestic LED display manufacturer to see hope. In our country sports industry growing today, LED display manufacturers are trying to get a piece of the stepping up in product research and development in the field of sports. Niche product bundle has lead the future science and technology innovation as the LED display in the sports field matures, according to different situations and functions are also derived more diversified products segment, such as applied to the game play in the competition of the highlights are shown, in the stadium is not only used for full-color screen bar ads, also can be used for information release LED fence screen and connected with timing scoring system of the game, play of timing score screen, the materials of the competitions and the emergence of these LED display product segment not only make the audience access to information more convenient, strengthen the integrity of the game, reduce unnecessary conflict, but also became a beautiful beautiful scenery line in the field, complemented the sports event. At the same time, with wisdom city construction, people increasingly attach importance to the innovation of new technology and the fusion, LED display products also shift toward a more intelligent, in the field of sports is not exceptional also, LED display manufacturers to conventional LED display is popular with today's AR, VR, the combination of new technologies such as bring more unique experience for the user. If some sports venues will be LED floor tile screen into court, composed of a single piece of huge LED floor, not only can track players dynamic, simulated trajectory or become the putative foe, more can be on the pitch and with the cooperation of projection light makes some virtual scene real can participate in; In dynamic LED display table, table tennis hall, there is a display picture switching and dynamic video screen showing, and other functions, can again beside the table, watch movies, played the game highlight replays. The advent of these products has broken the conventional LED display can only send messages to the audience a one-way shackles, for LED display in the field of sports with the use of more intelligent. Intelligent into a new trend in the industry international competition could lead to new developments in the industry with user diversified and personalized demand unceasingly strengthens, constantly improve the quality of the site viewing experience, LED display manufacturers try their best to meet their needs. Intelligent in the future, will continue to be a development direction in the field of LED display in sports, LED display is no longer simply is a carrier of information dissemination, and will be based on the infrared sensor technology, touch, speech recognition, 3 d, VR/AR technology such as smart sports, is a can carry on the interactive intelligent scene and audience, let the audience experience brought by the sports nervous excitement at the same time, also can feel the field of LED display technology. In addition, the 2019 men's basketball team World Cup, 2022 Asian games, games and other large events will be held at home, and domestic venues have been old, 12 field pavilion has three stadiums need new, including competition venues and non-competition venue construction budget is about 15. 100 million dollars, which means that will have huge demand, to the LED display for the LED display manufacturers bring huge opportunity.
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