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South Korea were reincarnated university physics department developed a pen to write out the flexible OLED

by:Atop     2020-08-18
On October 21, news, and South Korea were reincarnated in the physics department of the university scientific research workers introduces a only use drawing pen manufacturing stroke display, completely avoid the traditional preparation functional thin film deposition process. According to introduction, the author used six has the function of different solution of the drawing pen implement encyclopedia written process preparation of display device. And concrete is studied in the process of writing control number of stretching speed, stretching and substrate temperature for each function the influence law of layer thickness and uniformity. And success in this way on the glass, plastic and paper base material shows made of stroke type display. Display device has been developed from early CRT monitor to flat-panel display ( For example, LCD, organic light emitting diode ( OLED) And quantum dot display, etc. ) 。 With the development of technology and products of iteration, display device has become a modern society currently available for ordinary users to use commercial products. However, due to the current display ( Such as computers, smart phones and navigation equipment) With fixed rectangular shape, so we can not to personalized modified to show the designer and the user's personal ideas and design. In order to overcome the limitations of rectangular display, researchers have been actively research based on the preparation of printing assembly process to realize the OLED and QLED, including screen printing, intaglio transfer, inkjet printing and other printing process and the preparation method. Therefore, in recent years, flexible transparent holographic display has made significant progress, and gradually get on a variety of applications. At present, the flexible display is the most representative of OLED and QLED display. This two kinds of device structure similar, usually by the anode, hole injection layer ( HIL) The hole transport layer ( HTL) , the light emitting layer ( EML) , electron transport layer ( ETL) , the electronic injection layer ( 面纱) ). , and the cathode. More than the traditional preparation technology adopting thermal deposition and spin coating method for the preparation of various functional layers, including the HIL, HTL, EML, ETL and EIL. While the evaporation and sputtering evaporation method is used to form the anode and cathode. Although the method of preparation of high quality functional thin films, however, these methods usually need to mask or lithography process implementation pattern preparation, therefore significantly restrict light-emitting display of arbitrary structure graphics and adapt to the scene. Strokes method based on the solution, by contrast, has the advantage that the arbitrary pattern, and is not limited to the substrate of conventional image size. In addition, it can be implemented in the preparation of functional thin film plastic or paper or rigid substrate. Therefore, compared with the traditional preparation process such as evaporation, more advantage. Recently, there has been more literature return preparation of photovoltaic (pv) with a calligraphy, the transistor devices, etc. Writing brush, however, is only used for one layer or layers, and is not intended to form or forming equipment all layers, the rest of the layer of sedimentary formation of traditional craft. In particular, especially display device and functional thin film electrode layer adopts the writing method is still a big challenge. Figure 1 pen drawing diagram of the preparation of display device. 一) With a sketch of the six different function solution, including anode, hole injection layer ( HIL) The hole transport layer ( HTL) , emission layer ( EML) , electron transport layer ( ETL) And cathode solution; b) Drawing device of optical image; c) Stroke film forming principle diagram and working principle of figure 2 stroke film-forming process parameters affect the situation, in order to use strokes of film under different parameters of thin film thickness, found that can control the tensile speed control function of film thickness of nanometer. Figure 3 USES stroke process preparation of handwritten light-emitting display. A and b are respectively in glass and plastic substrate as the text of the RGB image in figure 4 using process of the preparation of handwritten strokes light images. Written on the paper display picture image, and has good flexibility and tear properties. The power side of science and technology
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