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South Korea's patent surge in domestic LED companies watch the 'back'

by:Atop     2020-08-17
On the 2018 Olympic winter games in pyeongchang fire a handful of 'ice shield', let show attention have risen sharply. Not only domestic LED display manufacturers of products into a lot of energy, including the world showed giant LG announced in the second quarter this year will show new product launch, including through flexible OLED display and LED display films. And at the same time we also noticed that South Korea has already begun to increase in 'patent layout through the screen. As a new generation of display technique, through displays the market potential of infinite space. South Korean Patent Office, said in display equipment, display the information on the transparent glass 'display' related patent applications grew sharply recently. Especially in the last three years, 2015-2017) Three years of patents than before, 2012-2014) Increased by 2. Three times, increased from 72 to 162. As is known to all, since 2017, and began to 'big' in the field of outdoor LED display products market, the market end demand toward the light, thin, transparent, the trend of the development of the artistic direction and under the push of government policies, such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, auto 4 s shops, science and technology museum, such as relatively high-end venues, began to large area USES glass curtain wall series products of LED display. LED through the market prospect is very considerable. According to the relevant data to predict that by 2025 shows that the market value of about $87. 2 billion. As the personage inside course of study says, 'through the LED can be applied to a variety of areas, technology application is very wide, will make a great contribution to promote the development of industry. 'Current of LED display products in the field of traditional and emerging niche products, domestic LED display industry is in a leading position in terms of technology and market, but' patent 'has been a weak aspect of the LED display industry in China, and South Korea in this layout first, for the Chinese LED through industry in the future competition in the international market is a competitive disadvantage. As South Korea's patent hall monitor audit team leader said: 'the south Korean manufacturers in order to be able to take the lead to achieve through display technology, ensure the market competitiveness, need to first obtain on the identification and light permeability related core technology patents, and ensure a leading position in this field. 'Not only that, through South Korea showed patent technology is targeted. From the main types of technology trends, improve the identification related 71 patents ( 25. 4%) Accounted for the most, followed by light transmittance ascension related patent 48 ( 17. 1%) , regulate the related patent 45 degrees ( 16. 1%) 31, panel build related patent ( 11. 1%) 。 These are the main components display hardware facilities. In conclusion, domestic display manufacturers want to deal with South Korea's patents in the field of transparent display layout, in addition to the patent also stepped up its pace, more important still is product of ascension. Intelligent display era, LED through without light, thin, transparent, the installation and operation, etc, also more and more intelligent, especially accurate advertising push, one screen interactive, use of VR technology such as overlay, can make through the LED display application range widening. Recently, domestic LED display broke the curtain wall solid loading in the outdoor market barriers, bold innovations in various market segments, ushered in a new era through the LED display market. Particularly in the field of digital stage application, win the market wide acclaim. Believe in the future as a domestic industry in terms of technology and patent, as well as market power has increased, the LED through screen industry in China will have strong competitiveness in the international market. This article from:
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