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SONY's bullish on Micro LED display manufacturers such as market, to new products

by:Atop     2020-09-12
Commercial times on November 8th, in recent years, Micro leds become highly anticipated new display technologies, such as SONY, samsung, auo, LG display are published new products, from the CES show in January 2017, SONY on displays, Micro giant LED display screen CLEDIS first to create a new pattern for the Micro LED display application. Each monitor brand competition with each other, are the secret weapon that 2018 Micro LED issue persistent fever, samsung in January at CES the world's first 146 inch modularization Micro LED TV, attract focus of world attention, and ready to be in the third quarter of this year began to produce goods, friends of the United States in May 2018 the SID show weeks ahead of the industry, the world's highest resolution on display for the first time, full-color active 8 inch Micro LED panel, USES the LTPS back driving technology, let each pixel can be independent drive light, fine, high dynamic contrast display performance, again shocked the world, LG is the IFA show in Berlin in August in Germany in 175 inch Micro LED TV, become the largest size, the thinnest Micro LED TV. From SONY, samsung, LG and other leading brand of global television manufacturers, even show the Micro LED TV technology, get rid of the previous traditional LCD TV and OLED TV competition pattern, also forecast the Micro LED TV will bring about a new generation of display technology revolution, and will be combined with intelligent sensor, artificial intelligence, the LED display industry towards a new milestone. Illuminated LED chip, but application field widely Micro for spontaneous light LED display technology, by the tens of millions of tiny size is less than 100 microns of illuminated LED chip, the principle is mainly to the LED chip structure of thin film, miniaturization and array, and let the LED size shrinks to 1% as it was, will be red, green, blue RGB trichromatic Micro LED chip is arranged into the dense array shape, get rid of the traditional LED display through only as a source of light, into the tens of millions of tiny light-emitting pixel unit. Micro LED display saves a backlight module, LCD, color filter, polarizing film, such as material, structure is relatively simple, so with high resolution, low power consumption, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, fast response speed, thickness thin, long life and other characteristics, low power consumption can be 50% to 10% in the LCD, OLED. In addition, compared with is also illuminated display of OLED, the brightness of the Micro LED to several times higher than the OLED, weatherability is significantly superior to OLED. Overall, Micro LED compared with LCD, OLED display technology, has the absolute advantage on technology, Micro leds can also according to different application market, bonding in different types of substrates, such as: TV market of glass, display market PCB substrate, AR/Si substrate, VR market through PI substrate according to the market. Therefore, Micro LED applicable fields are also compared with the traditional glass TV sector wider, is known as the mainstream of the next generation display technology. Taiwan factory has a niche industry advantage, develop a complete supply take advantage while Micro LED display has the excellent product features, but is currently not a large number of universal application, import, consumption market, the main reason is that many link has not been standardized, and the production yield is not up to standard, make the Micro LED the production cost is too high, the key bottleneck techniques include: transfer technology, huge amount of epitaxial evenness control, miniaturization of grain yield, current drive control, full color scheme, Micro assembly technology, the detection and repair, etc. , involved include LED grain flow layer, IC driver design, advanced semiconductor testing, Micro assembly ( Panel, PCB) Electronic industry, such as the industry is of the advantages of the Taiwan electronics industry niche. In addition, Taiwan is not only to master key production technology in Micro LED, for patent layout in global leadership. If factory is able to grasp the development opportunity, vertical plate factory, material suppliers, equipment and other related industries, will develop with Micro LED industry in the global competitive advantage. In this way, can not only get rid of many 10 in China. Line 5 generations after the release of the red sea market competition capacity, even beyond the Korean factory OLED displays in technology, patents, capacity of layout, creation of Taiwan manufacturers higher added value of Micro LED display products. According to engineering institute IEK Consulting, research, 2017 Taiwan flat-panel display output value of 1. 3 million yuan, the second largest industry in Taiwan, forecasts for three to five years later, the Micro LED output will account for one over ten of the flat display industry of Taiwan, can create up to 100 billion yuan output value, not only promote the development of domestic industry and economy, also for the next generation of electronic industrial technology to lay the important acer stone. Commercial times
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